25th Foundation Anniversary Celebration of “German-Bangladesh Association Augsburg”

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25th Foundation Anniversary Celebration of German-Bangladesh Association Augsburg

The “German-Bangladesh Association Augsburg”, celebrated its 25th founding anniversary last Saturday, September 25th, at the historic small Golden Hall in Augsburg, with an informal function. The program creates a different level of appeal to the guests through entertainment, discussions and cultural evenings.

First of all, all the arriving guests are given a snack box along with a variety of drinks. 3.30pm: After the opening reception, the main event begins. The show became very lively with the dual presentation of Naureen Ahmed and Annalena Bhagnar. Especially German young Annalena Bhagna’s presentation in Bengali language seems to have justified the name of German Bangladesh Society.

The chief guest Mr. Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiya NDC, the honorable ambassador of the German Bangladesh Embassy and after all the honored guests took their seats, Mr. Fazlur Rahman, the founder of the German Bangladesh Association Augsburg and who has been serving as the president of the organization for twenty five years, gave a welcome speech. At the beginning of the greeting speech, Mr. Rahman thanked the Honorable Ambassador, Mr. Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan NDC and the Mayor of Augsburg, Mr. Martina Vild. Started the speech. Mr. Rahman presented all their activities in Augsburg and Bangladesh from the birth of this organization till date through power point presentation. The audience enjoyed a pictorial report of all the cultural and social activities of the organization.

After the excellent speech of Mr. Fazlur Rahman, Honorable Ambassador of Bangladesh Mr. Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan NDC and Honorable Mayor of Augsburg Martina Vild respectively were requested to give their valuable speech. In his speech, the Honorable Ambassador thanked Mr. Fazlur Rahman and all of his organization and praised all the activities of the organization. He mentioned the socio-economic development of Bangladesh and highlighted the contribution of expatriates there. The Honorable Ambassador expressed hope that the current government of Bangladesh will give another good democratic election in the next three to four months.

At the beginning of his speech, the Mayor of Augsburg extended a warm welcome and warm greetings to all present, including the honorable ambassador, in this wonderful hall of the city of Augsburg. Bhuyosi appreciated the twenty-five years of work of the German Bangladesh Association in Augburg, the city of peace of a multinational-multicultural group and highlighted the need for such an organization in Augburg. He personally highlighted all the wonderful works of Mr. Fazlur Rahman. On behalf of the city authorities, he was specially thanked for his contribution to the integration process by representing the expatriates of Asia and Australia as well as the German Bangladesh Association for the last twenty years.

After the speeches of the guests, a discussion was held under the title “Democratic Philosophy of Life”. Professor of International Relations Department of Dhaka University came from Bangladesh for discussion in this episode. Imtiaz Ahmed. Honorable Ambassador Mr. Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan, daughter of Netaji Subhash Bose, Professor Dr. Anita Bose – Puff. He was also the head of the Bureau of Integration and Immigration Department of Augburg. Margret Spohn. Professor Dr. was in charge of the overall management of this episode. Philip Andreson.

Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed presented a wonderful speech in this excellent discussion. He highlighted the democratic historical context and continuity of our subcontinent through Power Point presentation. In his report, Ashok has brilliantly presented all the democratic trends of today, starting from Donasti, Bauliana’s Lalon-Rabindra style, Sufism to British Hatao movement, Gandhi and Netaji continuum. After that, the honorable ambassador, Professor Anita Bose Paff and Dr. started one by one. A series of discussions on Spohn’s democratic philosophy of life.

After a 15-minute break, the main attraction of the third episode of the show begins; music evening In this episode, the performance of famous local music artists enthralled the audience. Apoorba Biswas and his wife Baisakhi Biswas from Berlin, prominent Nazrul music artist Alokananda Subrita Binti were in the performance under the supervision of Minhaj Dipan. All of them are renowned vocal artists in their respective fields.

And needless to say, the wonderful performance of the living legendary artiste Bappa Majumder and his troupe. The atmosphere of this historical aesthetic hall of Augsburg was filled with songs from all his wonderful albums. Everyone in the audience was singing along to the song.

On the occasion of the 25th founding anniversary of the German Bangladesh Association, 20 people, including Mrs. Didem Karabulut, president of the Integration and Immigration Commission of Augsburg, were given 20 crests by the organization. In addition, each had a pen with the organization’s monogram and a key ring with a neon flashlight.

In the closing speech of the President, Mr. Fazlur Rahman congratulated Mr. Abu Mohammad Fahim and his many associates for their overall cooperation in making this event a success. He concluded the program by expressing his sincere gratitude and thanks to all present and invited everyone to the evening dinner.


Fatema Rahman Ruma


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