Denmark announced new income stats for foreign workers from October 1

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Denmark announced new income stats for foreign workers from October 1

The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) will use earnings statistics compiled by the Danish Employers’ Confederation (DA) during the processing of applications to decide whether the job offered meets Danish salary standards.

In a statement, SIRI announced that the new revenue statistics are made up of information from the second quarter of this year and will be effective for applications submitted from October 1, 2023.


It is expected that in the near future, revenue figures will be updated quarterly and the next update will take effect on January 1, 2024.

The new changes mean that if people apply for a residence and work permit after October 1, the application will be assessed after taking into account income for the second quarter of this year.

If people apply between August 1 and September 30, the application will be assessed after accounting for income in the first quarter of this year.

To be granted a residence and work permit, your salary and terms of employment must correspond to Danish standards. This means that you must receive a remuneration which corresponds to the standards of the type of employment in question in Denmark. — SIRI

This condition applied to both first-time requests as well as applications for extension. It is applied to the following programs:

  • Pay Limit Scheme
  • Fast track Scheme
  • Researchers Scheme
  • Positive List for People with a Higher Education
  • Positive List for Skilled Work
  • Special Individual Qualifications Scheme
  • Herdsmen and Farm Managers Scheme
  • Internship Scheme
  • Employment for Adaption and Training Purposes Scheme

Under the Positive List for Skilled Work, the assessment of whether the salary aligns with Danish standards is made according to specific principles.

Siri will assume that the salary corresponds to Danish standards if it is stated in the application form as well as the employment contract that:

  • Applicant’s employer is covered by a collective agreement through membership of an employers’ association
  • Applicant’s employment is covered by a collective agreement
  • The salary is at least DKK 67,812.50 per month (2023 level)

If the above-mentioned terms are not documented in your employment contract, SIRI will assess whether the salary offered corresponds to Danish standards. When we assess whether the salary corresponds to Danish standards, we use the income statistics from The Confederation of Danish Employers (DA) as a guideline. — SIRI

To apply DA’s income statistics, job title and job description information, among others, are required.


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