Slovenia introduces police checkpoints on its border with Croatia

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Slovenia introduces police checkpoints on its border with Croatia

Slovenian authorities announced that the country will set up police checkpoints along the border with Croatia to try to prevent people from illegally entering its territory.

As the authorities explain, the police will randomly check each vehicle, meaning it will still be possible to cross the border between the two countries without additional checks.

Slovenia’s decision to set up police checkpoints on its border with Croatia comes as a result of increased irregular migration. Checkpoints will be arranged near the border, in safe areas, convenient for police to stop and check vehicles.

During this check, police will ask border crossers to present their travel documents. Additionally, the police may also ask them to provide their reason for entering the country as well as their expected length of stay in the country.

Data show that after Croatia entered the Schengen area, the number of irregular migrants entering Slovenia began to increase significantly.

According to the Slovenian Ministry of Internal Affairs, since the beginning of the year, more than 41,700 foreigners have been arrested for illegally crossing the border. Furthermore, during the same period, the Ministry said 275 smugglers who facilitated illegal entry into Slovenia were also arrested.


Although authorities said they would take immediate action against those entering their territory illegally, they said 98% of arrested foreigners expressed their intention to seek protection international and police are expected to hand them over for ‘asylum’ processing. Given the current situation, Slovenian authorities have called on Croatian authorities to also take measures.

Earlier this month, Slovenian Interior Minister Boštjan Poklukar called on his Croatian counterpart, Minister Davor Božinović, to take further measures at the common border to combat the number of people crossing the border between the two countries using irregularities are increasing.

In a telephone conversation, Minister Božinović told Minister Poklukar that the number of illegal migrants has especially increased in the Brežice municipality.

In an official statement, the Slovenian Ministry of Internal Affairs said the police had taken measures to strengthen control in the above area. The same also said they have deployed additional police personnel. During the meeting between the two ministers, they agreed that a number of other measures should be taken to strengthen control at the common border and combat irregular migration.

Furthermore, they also agreed that cooperation between the two countries is very important in controlling irregular migration.


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