Marriage in Bangladeshi community, Hearty commitment Nor A Hefty Contract

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Marriage in Bangladeshi community, Hearty commitment Nor A Hefty Contract

In the Bangladeshi community of Bangladesh, the competition for wedding expenses has now become one of the reasons for breaking up the family. Divorce has happened in London very recently at the wedding ceremony itself.

According to various event management companies, venue owners and caterers in Britain, the Bangladeshi community in Britain now spends a minimum of 35,000 pounds on an average wedding ceremony. And there is a precedent for the maximum cost of three hundred thousand pounds.

They informed that various events including Bengali Wedding Fair are being organized around Bangladeshi wedding ceremony in London.

A community hall owner said that now people of the community don’t shy away from spending only on wedding ceremonies. It goes without saying that there is no other business in this sector. This is why traders are keen to sell everything from wedding plans to honeymoon holiday booking, and pre-wedding videography in one package.

According to survey statistics conducted by Bridebook UK , four years ago the average cost of a wedding in Britain was £30,355. And in the statistics of Asiana, the average cost of a wedding in Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani community in Britain is 50,000 pounds. The wedding planners in these weddings, known as Desi Weddings in Britain, charge an average of one and a half thousand pounds just by advising the event.


A UK National Statistics report says,over half of Bangladeshi (54%), Indian (53%) and Pakistani (51%) households contained a married couple, compared with 37% of those headed by a White British person. Demonstrating the importance of marriage for the Brit-Asian communities.

According to a survey conducted in Britain, two-thirds of 1,000 Muslim women are married in Islamic nikah. That is, their marriage is not registered under British law.

It is known that, although Bangladeshis follow the culture shown by British-Pakistanis, other ethnic minority communities do not have such a culture of spending. Many communities, including Sri Lankans and Somalis, still practice the practice of marrying in mosques.

Faysol Rahman, a former student leader of Dhaka University, told to Daily Dazzling Dawn on Sunday, Now, thirty to forty thousand pounds are being spent on an average for one marriage in the Bangladeshi community of the country. A wedding lehenga costs three to four thousand pounds. While the bride and groom used to hire a limousine car, now helicopters are being hired.

Former councilor of London borough of Tower Hamlets Sunahwar Ali and veteran community figure Lokman Uddin, the well-known face of the Bangladeshi community in London said that, many people do not take their parents’ bodies to the country and bury them here due to various reasons, including financial. However, they does not hesitate to spend millions of pounds on the wedding ceremony.
The attitude that only the residents of the flats next door are doing it, we have to do it too, it’s our mentality.

A victim, a young British Bangladeshi from Ilford area of ​​East London, said that he had spent sixty thousand pounds on his wedding. Half of the money he spent was on high-interest credit card loans. But the duration of the marriage life was three days. They separated after three days. But, he still could not be freed from that debt.

He also said that many of the bride and groom took loans from credit cards at high interest rates to provide this huge amount of money. At the beginning of the family, due to the burden of monthly installments of this huge increase in debt, misunderstandings and disputes are created in the beginning. This is also a big reason for breaking up the family in UK.

Filmmaker and media personality Jubayer Babu told on Sunday that there is often an unequal competition among expatriates. As earlier there was a kind of competition to build expensive houses in the back home. Now another terrible competition has been born and that is about the marriage of the boys and girls. Many people are getting heavily indebted due to this apocalyptic competition. Such competitions need to be stopped as they are bringing disaster to the new generation. This apocalyptic competition must be stopped.

Nahid Jagirdar, owner of Nikah, a wedding event management company in London, told that the increase of expenses in weddings in many ways has led to chaos in the family. I have done many wedding events, where two days after the wedding, the bride and groom told us that the wedding video and still photos should only include pictures of people from their side and throw away everything from the other side.
Then we realized the marriage is over. The Imams now say the first prayer during the marriage ceremony, so that the family survives. In fact, social awareness is needed to prevent the exorbitant cost of showing people in wedding ceremonies.

Saidul Islam, UK representative of Daily Prothom Alo said, “My friends and acquaintances in this country are experiencing huge expenditure on weddings.”

The culture of marriage in the Bangladeshi community has reached such a level that there is now a kind of sick competition. The competition does not sustain families after marriage. A couple I know broke up after a month of marriage. Because they get into financial trouble in the beginning due to high spending on marriage. Tension arises to meet family needs. In the end, the two choose their own path. There are many other examples of mehndi colors not being mourned and they parting ways before returning from the honeymoon. The main reason is the exorbitant cost of showing people at the wedding.

Community leaders, social workers and victims say that the role of mosques and imams is important for social awareness in combating abuse in marriage.

Commenting on this issue, Imam and Khatib Hafiz Maulana Nazmul Haque Imam, South Woodford Islamic Centre London, said, the hadith clearly states that the less flamboyant a marriage is, the more it is liked by Allah. Imams are speaking everywhere, including the Jumma Khutba, to raise awareness about this ongoing culture of marriage.


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