Government will reduce UK care visa, new conditions oncoming

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Government will reduce UK care visa, new conditions oncoming

The government is actively considering reducing migrant care workers in Britain. Although a large number of people from different countries come to Britain on care visas, thousands of foreign workers are unable to find work due to their lack of work experience and skills and language skills. In such a reality, Britain’s Immigration Minister Robert Generic said, how to reduce foreign workers in the care sector, the government will take a decision soon.

There have been numerous complaints against various immigrant communities in Britain, including Bangladeshis, about the trade of thousands of pounds on care visas, the cancellation of licenses of many care homes and the failure of staff to work in care homes. On the other hand, the care homes are saying that those who are coming from different countries including Bangladesh on care visa, they are not able to work because of their lack of work and language skills.

Immigration minister Robert Jenrick has called for British families to have more children to help fund and look after an ageing population, after criticising Boris Johnson’s government for encouraging low-skilled workers to come to the UK.

The immigration minister said, ministers were looking at plans to further raise the minimum salary levels for migrant workers towards the “median wage” and cuts to the number of visas offered to fill gaps in the labour market.

The current salary threshold that the points-based system applies is just over £26,000.

“That is not, to most people’s definition, a high-skilled worker. So I can see a good argument for increasing that to something that is more akin to the median salary,” he said.

He said he was also considering cuts to the number of care visas and family visas being offered to overseas workers.

“I also think there are a very large number of people coming in on the care visa route – 120,000. I think that is something that needs careful consideration,” he said.

In the last year there were 77,700 long-term work visas granted to care workers, representing around two-thirds of all 120,300 health and care work visas.

The government added senior care workers to the shortage occupation list in 2021, followed by care workers in February 2022, in a bid to fill the rising number of vacancies since Brexit and the end of freedom of movement.

Since then, there has been a rapid rise in the number of applications which now account for two in five of all skilled work visas, which totalled 189,000 in the year to June, up from 93,000 a year previously.

The top three countries for health and care visas issued in the latest year are from India (30k), Nigeria (18k) and Zimbabwe (17k).

A Home Office spokesperson said: “The public rightly expect us to control our borders and we remain committed to reducing net migration over time, while ensuring we have the skills our economy and public services needs.

“We have robust measures in place to prevent abuse of our immigration system and we will always take decisive action if employers break the rules, including by revoking sponsor licences when necessary.”

Barrister Shuvagata Dey Co founder of the Lexpert Solicitors London told to Daily Dazzling Dawn on Friday In such a reality, the government may announce the imposition of new conditions on the care visa, increasing the income limit.

There has been a call for a rethink over the issuing of care worker visas with them now making up two-thirds of all those handed out under the health and care scheme.


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