There are only bad choices for Britain now

There are only bad choices for Britain now
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Here in Britain every-days headline in Newspapers and Media: Hamas Sparks Gaza Conflict. Daily Loss of Innocent Lives in Gaza due to Israel’s Retaliatory Strikes!

Various countries around the world, including Britain, peoples are expressing protest and solidarity, urging an end to the attacks and organizing demonstrations for ceasefire and peace for the region.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, along with his Conservative Party government, has expressed full support for Israel.
The Labour leader Keir Starmer is also in agreement. However, there has been widespread discontent expressed by influential figures and many MPs within the Labour party regarding the leader’s stance.

They emphasize the need for a ceasefire by Israel and to prevent humanitarian crisis in Gaza. While the Labour leader has given an explanation of his position and clarified his previous comments he is accused of overlooking ceasefire claims and pressure to Israel to end hostilities in Gaza.

It is speculated that in the upcoming (likely) national elections next year, Mr. Starmer will become the Prime Minister, as per current polling. Another poll conducted two days ago shows that even if Muslim votes are lost, he will be able to make up for it in service efforts. Thus, he has taken a firm position.
Humanity is at stake in the eyes of the voters!

On the other hand, Investigations and testimonies are ongoing regarding COVID-19. Toxic and shocking news is being published every day. So far, many senior civil servants have provided testimony to the Covid inquiry.

Due to COVID, around 223 thousand people have lost their lives. Various issues are emerging, such as inadequate COVID control measures, lack of preparation, delayed decision-making, failure to follow scientific advice, political prioritization affecting decision-making, weak leadership, prioritizing economics over human lives, and more.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor (at the time) Rishi Sunak have both spoken untruths in Parliament. However, both of them have violated COVID laws and handed out penalties! They have invalidated their own created laws, creating internal party conflicts and divisions.


According to former deputy cabinet secretary Helen McNamara, ‘Boris Johnson was an egotistical fantasist who was out of his depth, a “trolley” who constantly changed direction.’ She also stated that there was ‘an absence of humanity.’ Boris considered the lives of elderly people as worthless.’ She further mentioned to the Covid inquiry that she would struggle “to pick one day” when Covid rules were properly followed inside No-10.

Matt Hancock, the former health secretary, told officials that he, rather than the medical profession, “should ultimately decide who should live or die” if the NHS was overwhelmed during the Covid pandemic. Former NHS England head Simon Stevens relayed this information to the inquiry, adding that fortunately, this horrible dilemma never happened.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is yet to give evidence to the inquiry in a few weeks’ time. He cannot escape the inquiry’s dark cloud. As a chancellor, he did not even consult scientists over his “Eat out to help out” scheme. The inquiry heard that Chris Whitty, England’s Chief Medical Officer, dubbed it “Eat Out to help out the virus.” Mr. Sunak is seen as an opportunist who was quietly waiting for the job of Prime Minister. There are doubts whether he will provide the full truth to the inquiry. The government ignored Covid experts, because they didn’t not value the people’s lives!

Rishi Sunak is not someone we can trust to champion the values of fairness equality or compassion. And neither, sadly, Sir Keir Starmer. There are only bad choices for British people now. Ultimately, it appears that there are no promising options for Britain at this juncture.


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