The Bangladesh election, West condemnation for illegitimate election

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The 170 million-person country is shifting closer to Beijing and Moscow, according to observers. Following the announcement of the Awami League’s resounding victory in Sunday’s election, which the opposition had abstained from, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh hoisted a queue of foreign diplomats who had come to offer their congratulations.

The West and East coming to sharp division over the election issues of Bangladesh appear to be splitting sharply at the same time, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina shows strong leadership but law and order issues decline interference from local MPs and party leaders ordinary and poor people deprived of getting justice, the country’s citizens finding it difficult to come together under one roof again due to  unified system apply for everyone.

The crimes, drug-related issues, and corruption getting worse that is major factors to maintain the economy and maga-development. As the BNP and Jamaat gained ground within the Awami League’s, where lifetime devoted and loyal supporters were losing interest, the Awami League began to lose it ground. As a result, it will be challenging for the Awami League to unite around, after prime minister Sheikh Hasina.

There was already sufficient information to conclude that the election was not free, fair and social media users expressed dread and criticism of the illegitimate election.

The United Kingdom has criticisms what it has called “acts of intimidation and violence” that occurred during the election. Washington feels that the voting process was “not free and fair” and regrets that not all parties participated. based on my personal observation and witness Polling station of Osmanpur Union, Sylhet-2 The Awami League candidates’ supporters table casted votes at the Osmanpur Union polling station, where all candidates’ polling agents were forcibly removed by force after noon help of enforcement officer. In this case, I concur with the British assessment and criticism.

What is Bangladesh’s response? When questioned on Tuesday over the US and UK complaint, foreign minister AK Abdul Momeen replied, “We’re not bothered.” A political analyst and economist claims that the contrast between the West’s censure and China’s and Russia’s warm welcome could reveal significant foreign policy ramifications for prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s comeback.

In addition to Bangladesh’s rejection of the West’s concerns regarding the election, Sheikh Hasina’s growing relationships with China and Russia could sour relations with. There is big question by some for  Bangladesh close link and India setup a trap for prime minister Sheikh Hasina removal from the politics order to achieve their agenda?

Source used: BBC, Social Media.

Sunahwar Ali,
former Councillor.

Imperial Hospital Sylhet

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