Days will be harder for ethnic minorities and immigrants!

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The change of government is certain, but the future remains uncertain, leaving me without hope.

Brexit continues to cast a shadow over Britain. Winning by a narrow 1% margin, Brexit claimed victory fueled by misleading propaganda. The aftermath has led to a crisis, prompting the Prime Minister’s frequent visits to Downing Street. Both politics and the economy are in turmoil, with the original promises causing economic distress and impacting markets. Shortages in essential goods, such as fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, and even eggs, are evident in supermarkets due to disrupted supply chains and regulatory controls.

Daily necessities face shortages, intensifying the crisis in supermarkets, further complicated by the Northern Ireland Protocol. The consequence is an increased cost of living, affecting life’s journey expenditures.

In healthcare, despite their sacrifices during the COVID pandemic, nurses and doctors have not seen significant salary increases, only receiving applause. Service providers in prestigious institutions are under strain. While substantial funds are allocated to external wars, internal service sectors witness stagnation in wages and benefits, leading to various crises in healthcare, shortages of medicines as well.

Immigrants face fear and erratic immigration policies, including the adoption of the Rwandan policy, which resulted in human rights violations and is now deemed unlawful by the legal system. Struggles continue, especially in handling student and care visas, adversely affecting the economically vulnerable.

As a remedy, immigrants with expired visas are mandated to return home and reapply, raising questions about the government’s management and its harsh policy decisions.

In the run-up to a general election, immigrants are depicted as a problem to influence votes, attempting to deceive the public once again. The government’s attempts to address self-created issues exacerbate problems, with legal immigrants facing inhumane requirements like showing an annual income of £28,000 to bring their spouse.
Bringing dependents for common jobholders would become nearly impossible in various professions. including junior doctors, teachers, and legal practitioners, with annual salaries ranging from £19,000 to £21,000. This discrepancy lacks legal remedies, necessitating challenges to government policies through legal means. Speaking out against such policies is imperative, and legal professionals within the Bangladeshi community should take proactive legal actions.

Despite being immigrants themselves, a significant number of Bangladeshi-origin residents voted in favor of Brexit during that period, and the repercussions of their stance are now evident.
Bangladeshi origin people, community leaders and politicians need to think carefully and wisely before making decisions such a big matter like this and its consequences in future.

As the UK parliamentary election approaches, expectations of significant losses for the Conservative government persist. The latest news indicates the Conservative party securing 169 seats, while Labour is expected to win 385 seats. Rishi Sunak, the Conservative party leader, aims to secure votes with promises for the nation’s betterment. However, due to leadership issues, Labour currently exhibits right-wing behavior, and while the public desires a change, it remains uncertain if these hopes will materialize. Time will reveal the outcome. But leaving me without hope.


Nurur Rahim Noman
political analyst and poet


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