NRBC Bank: a group destroying good reputation and image of NRB people

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The NRB people created good reputation and imagine all over the world due to hard work and commitment which Bangladesh getting benefits out of NRB people good reputation and remittance contributed to foreign currency servers. The 1971 War against Pakistan the Probashi made great contributions by contributing to war fund and generating international publicity for the Bangladesh independence during 1971 where Founder Father of the Bangladesh flight to London after realise from the Pakistan Jail before coming to newborn Bangladesh to acknowledge and appreciate NRB people contribution and commitment for the Bangladesh, after current prime minister Sheikh Hasina got leadership of the Awami League in 1981 and she acco along with her father Bangabandhu.

Sheikh Hasina coming to power in 2008 second term and in the USA made commitment to allow NRB people to setup banks where prime minister’s government given three NRB permission in 2013.

The NRB Commercial Bank started in 2013 under the Chairmanships of Engr Farasat Ali who was incompetent lack management or proper leadership qualities and some individual took control of him by carrying out irregularity within the NRBC Bank where a Sponsor sent a worning email to all fifty three sponsor telling them Enga Farasat Ali lack of proper leadership or management quality and such email was ignored  where irregularities taking place employment activities and purchase all items for the NRBC Bank. The Bangladesh Bank policy and guidelines failure by the leadership’s and management of the NRB Commercial Bank and after intervention of Abdul Maal Abdul Muhith, Finance Minister of Bangladesh the Bangladesh Bank took move to replace Enga Farasat Ali where Parvez Tamal and Mohammad Shohidul Islam Alias Papul got opportunity to take over under their leadership and started fully activities outside line of central Bank policy and procedures guidelines until November 2021 Vice-chairman Mohammad Shohidul Islam Alias Papul charge, in first time in Bangladesh history Bangladeshi MP has been jailed overseas for criminal charge for human trafficking and money laundering case, so Parvez Tamal got opportunity take total control of the NRBC Bank PLC help and support from Mohammed Adnan Imam FCCS who used made his name investment banking with world renowned Merrill Lynch Europe PLC. Both started to running like Bengali Russian style activities by using force, power and NRBC Bank PLC  without hesitation and without fear. The NRB people do have a good reputation all over the world which the Bangladesh get benefits out of such good reputation started from 1971 war against Pakistani where NRB people played crucial role by raising and funding the war and generating international publicity for the independence of Bangladesh and Bangladesh first budget started with NRB’s people money and where Founder Father of Bangladesh always acknowledged and appreciated the NRN’s people commitment and contribution. Since the current prime minister entered into Bangladesh politics in 1981 and honorable prime minister Sheikh Hasina again and appreciated NRB people contribution for the Bangladesh and prime minister coming to power 2nd term in 2008 where giving speech at USA to give permission for NRB bank under her premiership and kept her promise by giving permission for three NRB banks where Bangladesh bank changing banking policy to accommodate the NRB banks.

The setting up process of NRB banks where some so-called bad individual given opportunity who are now destroying good image of NRB people and strong believe of NRB people always founder father of Bangladesh and prime minister acknowledge and appreciate.

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