4 Bangladeshis Deported From France, Many Detained In Detention Center

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As people without valid documents have been detained and sent back to their respective countries in France, there is concern and anxiety in the Bangladeshi community.

Mainly, immigrants including Bangladeshis are being detained if they fail to show valid documents during the check of immigration documents at food delivery workers, train stations and roads.

At least 18 Bangladeshis without valid documents have been sent back to Bangladesh from France in the last one week, despite rumors spreading through social media, this reporter has confirmed the case of four people. About 15 Bangladeshis are detained in the detention center.

Nahian Khan from Moulvibazar, who lives in Paris, told this reporter,From the last few days, those who have irregular documents in France are having a very bad time. One of our brothers from Moulvibazar has been sent to the country. Many who are irregular are receiving letters to leave France.

Aziz Rahman, a resident of France, told this reporter on Friday that the current situation is very terrible, which I have not seen in the last 3 years after coming to France. In the last week I myself have faced the control of documents check twice.

Alhamdulillah verified my documents as valid and left as sorry. But those who do not have papers or are illegal are taken to the detention camp and send them to the country after completing all the processes of preparing travel documents and sending them to the country. Three of his acquaintances have been sent back to the country. Finally, last Thursday, one of his Bangladeshi citizens was sent to the country.

The deported Bangladeshi is kept in the deportation center for 35 days. After that Bangladesh embassy gave his travel document and he was sent back to the country.

Aziz also said that, the Pakistani or Srilankan embassies here are helping their citizens who are victims of harassment very sincerely. But Bangladesh embassy is not doing that much for Bangladeshis.

In this matter, the former president of Paris Bangla Press Club, Enayet Hossain Suhel, said that what is being spread on social media about sending them back to the country is actually not that much. Many irregular document holders are falling victim to the situation, mainly in the run-up to the Olympics and as part of a regular campaign to increase crime in France. Many of them have cards of two countries including Portugal, many of them are involved in crime, many of them do not have valid papers, such immigrants are suffering from the situation. Many are coming out again through lawyers.

Mr Md Walid Bin Quashem
,the First Secretary of the Embassy of France in Bangladesh, was contacted by phone on Friday and said that he does not know any information about how many Bangladeshis have been repatriated so far. He advised to contact the second secretary of Bangladesh Embassy K F M Sharhad Shakil in this matter. K F M Sharhad Shakil could not be reached by phone on Friday.

France’s interior minister has announced last year plans to double the capacity of the nation’s migrant detention centers — to 3,000 — by opening new facilities in 11 cities during the next four years. In 2022, nearly 16,000 migrants were detained in mainland France.

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