The universe’s “brightest and most violent” object has been found

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Its massive black hole is estimated to have a mass of 17–19 billion times that of the sun and to be expanding at the quickest rate yet observed.

Quasars are the luminous centers of “active galaxies,” or those in which giant black holes are consuming enormous amounts of matter.

The record-breaking quasar, which was found by a team led by Australia, is consuming the mass of a sun every day as it absorbs enormous volumes of gas.

Its black hole’s revolving disk of gas has been compared to a cosmic hurricane, which scientists claim emits energy greater than 500 trillion times that of the sun. Lead author Christian Wolf of the Australian National University declared, “This quasar is the most violent place that we know in the universe.”

When it was first discovered in 1980, it was believed to be a star, but after studies in Australia and Chile’s Atacama Desert, it was reclassified as a quasar last year.

“The exciting thing about this quasar is that it was hiding in plain sight and was misclassified as a star previously,” Priyamvada Natarajan, an astronomer from Yale University who was not involved in the research.

The study appears in the Nature Astronomy magazine.

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