The government wants to prevent hate preachers from coming to the UK

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Following the Prime Minister’s address alerting the public to the growth in extremism, the Government intends to bar hate preachers from entering the United Kingdom.

As to the sources, the new policies will prevent entry into the UK and add recognized extremists on visa warning lists.

It’s understood that ministers feel they have more authority to prevent someone from entering the UK if they are deemed to be “non-conducive to the public good.”

It is understood that the new measures will extend the powers to encompass anyone who preach bigotry, instigate violence, or use intimidation or violence to disrupt the democratic process. Currently, these powers are used to block individuals who pose known security problems from entering the UK.

The Sunday Telegraph claims that the Home Office intends to take action against organizations that are “far-left, anti-democratic.”

The actions come after Downing Street speaker Rishi Sunak issued a warning that radicals are aiming to destroy democracy and that there are “forces here at home trying to tear us apart.”

In an official review into fringe organizations, Lord Walney, the Government’s independent adviser on political violence and disruption, revealed to the Telegraph that there has been a “holy alliance” on protest marches between Islamist radicalism and far-left parties.

He said there was a “gap in the Government’s understanding of damage the anti-democratic far left can do.”

According to the Telegraph, he says: “One of the conclusions of my review is to look at and understand the threat from anti-democratic far-left groups, alongside that posed by Islamists and the far right.

“For understandable reasons, the focus since 9/11 has been on violent terrorism.

“Because the far left has not posed a similar kind of violent threat, there has been less understanding and less focus on the way in which they can harm our society.”

According to a Home Office official, the report’s suggestions are being “extremely carefully” considered.

Pro-Palestine demonstrations persisted throughout England and Wales on Saturday in response to Mr. Sunak’s caution that radicals were targeting both marches and democracy itself.

For its day of action, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign targeted Barclays Bank, gathering at almost 50 sites, including the branch on Tottenham Court Road in central London.

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