Half of Canadians believe that too many immigrants are being let in

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A recent poll shows that half of Canadians believe there are too many immigrants in the country. What’s the cause of the concern? Let’s take a look at what the pollsters uncovered and why it matters for Canada’s future.

The study, conducted by the Association for Canadian Studies and the Metropolis Institute with the assistance of Leger, Canada’s largest-owned market research firm, revealed that the majority of individuals were concerned about immigration.

According to the study, fifty percent of the over sixteen hundred Canadians surveyed by Leger felt that there were too many immigrants entering the nation. This was a somewhat surprising finding given the nature of the problem.

The National Post reported on the new poll indicating heavy immigration enjoys wide bipartisan support in Canada. However, as the country confronts a number of significant issues, this mindset is rapidly shifting.

In January 2023, a government survey revealed that only 21% of people thought there were too many immigrants in the country, while 24% thought there were too few.

“This concern about immigration has traction and certainly it constitutes a challenge to this consensus,” President of the Association for Canadian Studies and the Metropolis Institute Jack Jedwab explained to the National Post.

“This suggests it’s a departure from what we’ve seen in the previous decade,” Jedwab continued. But how did perceptions shift so dramatically in just a year? The solution will most likely be found in the country’s immigration targets.

According to Statistics Canada, Canada received around one million new temporary and permanent immigrants in 2022, which contributed to the country’s population exceeding 40 million people. However, the immigration effort has not stopped.

The federal government has set numerous lofty immigration targets, with plans to bring in approximately one-and-a-half million immigrants between 2023 and 2025, which may exacerbate the country’s already strained housing situation.

Thirty-nine percent of Canadians polled by Leger who believed there was too much immigration in Canada claimed immigrants were exacerbating the country’s housing situation, while twenty-one percent said they were “draining the system.”

“They’re all rooted in this idea that our economy is challenged at supporting this number of immigrants, whether it’s housing or services, or so forth—at least for people who feel there are too many,” Jedwab explained to National Post.

Many respondents believe that the issue is not how large levels of immigration are altering the country’s social fabric, but rather how these arrivals are hurting many of the most important economic concerns facing Canadian society.

One of the most significant findings, demonstrating that the problem with immigration for many is economic rather than social, was that only 10% of those polled were concerned that Canadians would become a minority in their own nation.

“There’s definitely a significant part of the population that has concerns about the economy and another part of the population that may have concerns about the economy, but still maintains immigration is the answer,” Jedwab said.

Among those polled who believed that Canada required more immigrants, 37% said immigrants were needed to fill employment openings, and 27% said immigrants were needed to avert population declines.

The growing worry among Canadians about immigration is “really more rooted in the economy and our capacity to support this number of immigrants with available services,” Jedwab said. It will be interesting to see how these perspectives evolve in the future.


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