More immigrants will be fingerprinted under new immigration legislation, and additional border procedures will be implemented

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Under plans to be presented to Cabinet, the government will consent to new immigration legislation that would result in an increase in the number of immigrants who are fingerprinted and increased border controls.

In addition, Justice Minister Helen McEntee will present the results of a second assessment of safe nations to see whether any more may be included.

In order for Ireland to participate in the EU Asylum and Migration Pact, Ms. McEntee will request Cabinet approval. According to her, this “will represent the biggest reform in Irish immigration law in decades.”

In order to comply, the government will need to enact new immigration legislation within the next two years.

The International Protection Act of 2015 will be completely replaced by new legislation, which will also:

  • Legally binding timeframes for making decisions on international protection applications and appeals.
  • A greater focus on efficient returns for unsuccessful applicants.
  • Accelerated processing including for those from safe countries, those with no or false documents, and those who have crossed borders illegally.
  • A new border procedure to more quickly process people who are particularly unlikely to be granted international protection.

It would entail the construction of new, specifically designed quarters for individuals undergoing border processing or scheduled for repatriation.

A new solidarity system would be implemented, compelling nations to transfer some asylum seekers from countries under specific strain or to agree to make a financial contribution.

Enlargement of the groups of immigrants who will undergo fingerprinting and have their information compared to the Eurodac database.

The agreement is a significant attempt by Europe to address the issues of migration and asylum. Significantly shorter timelines and simplified application processes will be part of it.

According to Ms. McEntee, the agreement will require states to carry out more thorough security and screening procedures on individuals arriving at borders. It will also offer nations more efficient means of drastically reducing secondary migration, which has been a particular issue for Ireland.

The Common Travel Area won’t be significantly affected by opting in.

The Minister has also started reviewing safe countries to see if more can be added at this time, in advance of new legislation being introduced.

Algeria and Botswana were added to the list of safe nations by the State back in January.

The amount of cases from safe nations has decreased by 38% after Ms. McEntee implemented expedited processing in November 2022. For someone arriving from a safe nation, an initial decision is reached within about sixty days.

The actions take place on the same day that Cabinet is presented with a bill titled “comprehensive” accomodation policy for applicants seeking international protection by Integration Minister Roderic O’Gorman. According to sources, the plan would specify how Ireland will deal with the current housing problem and increase its ability to house up to 14,000 people by constructing housing owned by the state.


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