Bangladeshi man detained in connection with Polish woman’s disappearance on Greek island

Bangladeshi man detained in connection with Polish woman's disappearance on Greek island
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On the Greek island of Kos, investigators are looking for a 27-year-old Polish lady who they believe might have been a victim of a crime.

The woman likely boarded a motorcycle with a man from Bangladesh, according to the “Missing – let’s help find them” Facebook page.

Anastasia Rubiska, a native of Wroclaw, has been residing on the island of Kos for one month. She was employed by a five-star hotel’s restaurant.

On June 12, she was last spotted. She went to the party that day with her friends. Later that night, she called her partner to let him know she had consumed too much wine and that someone would take a motorcycle to take her back to the hotel.

Later, the 27-year-old gave her partner a location and requested that they pick her up, but he was unable to locate her. Additionally, it was impossible to phone her. The man informed the police of what had occurred the following day.

Bangladeshis and Pakistanis detained

According to Greek media, police detained five Bangladeshi and Pakistani nationals. One of them, a 32-year-old from Bangladesh, remains in custody.


The man admitted that he had sexual intercourse with the woman, after which he was supposed to drive her to a shop several kilometers away from her residence.

Greek media also reported that he had already bought a flight to Italy after the 27-year-old had gone missing.

The Foreign Ministry told the Polish website that “the consul in Athens is in constant contact with the local search services and the family of the missing person.”


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Wed Jun 21 , 2023
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