New Zealand Government Jobs 2024 for International Skilled Workers

New Zealand Government Jobs 2024 for International Skilled Workers
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Opening date June 30, 2023

If your objective is to find a high paying job abroad then this article is one of those which will open new doors of careers towards you from New Zealand because New Zealand is offering 80+ visa types to international job seekers, business workers, entrepreneurs, and skilled workers to find careers in New Zealand in 2024, and henceforth i wrote this article to provide you information on how you can also find a job in NZ.

Why New Zealand? – Why not find jobs in Other Countries?

I will start by asking you a question that would you work in a country where businesses are easy to grow, companies/departments provide proper work life balance sort of environment to their employees, high salaries with career security is guaranteed, and standard accidental insurance and pension plans are provided?


I think think everyone wants to have these perks which New Zealand companies are providing its employees since many years and i guess you would now also be interested to become one of those NZ employees to take advantage of

New Zealand is now 21th ranked country in terms of highest millionaires which contributes to 0.5% of total global millionaires population that further depicts this country is basically providing sound environment for businesses to grow and this is why i also suggest my businessman/entrepreneur readers to consider NZ as your next business destination (Ref/Wikipedia)

Which Work VISA is required to Work in New Zealand?

Now when you will search for which type of work visa would fit your needs to enter New Zealand then you will find a long list of visa types for New Zealand and i just verified it that there are 80+ visa programs for foreigners to enter NZ for jobs, business, entrepreneurship and relevant purposes.

Therefore i have made it easy for you to understand this complexity as if you are going to apply for a NZ government job then you can submit your CV/application directly on NZ government jobs page whereas if you are applying for any skill shortage jobs or private sector jobs in New Zealand then you need to select

Similarly if you are an international student in New Zealand and hold study permit of NZ then you may also be eligible to work part time in NZ local market
by taking up part-time work permit which will then allow you to work 20 hours per week.

So Now Where can you find Jobs in New Zealand?

You might find it surprising that how easy it is to find jobs in New Zealand because international job seekers actually are provided by New Zealand government with so many job listing platforms from where they can find thousands of open job vacancies and in this section i have listed down all of those platforms for you from where you can find jobs easily:

List of Job Listing Portals in New Zealand for Foreigners

Authorized recruitment company jobs Apply
Meet NZ employees directly for employment Check
Jobs search via sector specific job sites Apply
NZ immigration department job search page Apply
New Kiwis recruitment for skilled workers Apply
Emailing/calling companies HR for exploring their job openings Check
General worker jobs pages Apply
Professional occupational jobs registration Apply
Skilled migrant job portals Apply

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