RISHI Sunak insisted his mission to stop the boats IS working

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RISHI Sunak insisted his mission to stop the boats IS working

Today 4 July, RISHI Sunak stated that his plan to stop the boats was succeeding, but he would not give a specific time when dinghies will stop crossing the English Channel.

Mr. Sunak maintained that his signature commitment to stop illegal immigration had not been postponed during a grilling by senior MPs.

And he added that even while the Rwanda deportation plan is being challenged in court, fewer individuals are paying dishonest smugglers for a passage to Britain.

The PM pointed to a returns agreement with Albania as proof the government crackdown is working.

According to the Home Office the number of Albanians illegally entering the UK has dropped by 90% this year.

“Our plan to stop the boats is not on hold,” a defiant Mr Sunak said.

“A good example of this is Albania.

“Because of the new deal we’re now able to return people to Albania.

“It shows you can make a difference on this policy.”

Mr Sunak repeatedly dodged questions over when exactly his promise to stop the boats will be achieved.


The pledge was dealt a fresh blow last week as the Court of Appeal ruled deportations to be illegal.

And there are also now questions over whether the PM will achieve his vow to halve inflation by the end of the year, as high prices have stagnated.

Mr Sunak said the Rwanda scheme’s hold up in court means that timings are now out of his control and in the hands of judges.

“The court will determine its own ruling,” Mr Sunak said.

“That’s outside of the government’s hands – it’s the court that determines that.

“But in the meantime we can get on with a range of other things, like the deal with Albania.

“One of the other things we’ve done is increase the number of illegal working raids.

“All of that will contribute to a deterrent effect.”


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