Sweden supports a temporary ban on anyone traveling without valid identification documents

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Sweden will tighten its immigration policies for families of foreign residents
In specific circumstances where it appears necessary, the Swedish government has suggested that the nation impose a temporary restriction on the transportation of people without legal identification documents.

Such a request has been made, according to the Swedish Department of Rural Affairs and Infrastructure, in light of the present migrant crisis and an effort to prevent any dangers to the public order.

“A proposal is made for a new law that gives the government the authority to, in certain cases, issue regulations prohibiting the transport of persons who do not have valid identity documents to Sweden with certain means of transport,” the statement of the Department reads.

The Department further explained that if such a proposal gets approved, the authorities will be able to introduce stricter restrictions for people who do not hold the needed documents if a serious danger to public order or the internal security of the country has risen.

“The Government may issue regulations on prohibition to transport people by bus, train, or passenger ship who lack valid identity documents for Sweden,” a part of the proposal reads.

In line with the regulation, the authorities said that penalty fees should be introduced to make sure that everyone follows the rules.

The Department stressed that a minimum fee of SEK 30,000 (€2,609) and a maximum fee of SEK 250,000 (€21,744) should apply to all those who do not follow the rules if such a proposal gets approved.

“The Government may issue regulations on penalty fees for those who violate such a prohibition. The penalty fees must amount to a minimum of SEK 30,000 and a maximum of SEK 250,000,” another part of the proposal says.

As for the validity of such rules, the authorities have said that once introduced, they should remain valid only for certain periods of time when the authorities see stricter rules as necessary.

“If the danger lasts longer, the period of validity may be extended by six months at a time as long as the danger persists,” the authorities stressed.

Nonetheless, this only remains a proposal, and the Ministry of Rural Affairs and Infrastructure is required to give an official response on the matter by October 15, 2023, at the latest.

In case the proposal gets approved by the Ministry, the rules are expected to become fully effective on March 1, 2024.


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