Google starts providing free AI training in the UK

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Google starts providing free AI training in the UK
If you keep hearing how AI chatbots will change the world but are unsure of what questions to ask ChatGPT, you might need some assistance with the newest development in technology.

Google is starting a series of training programs to help you learn how to apply AI in the workplace. Eight further modules will be available soon, and registration is already open for two sessions.

They are intended to instruct people and company owners about the inner workings of AI and how it may help you save time at work. The news of the training programs follows two alarming reports that suggested millions of Britons lacked essential digital skills, costing their companies over £5 billion in wages.

Given that it developed its own AI systems to compete with OpenAI, Microsoft, and Meta, the creators of ChatGPT, Google has a stake in educating the public. Currently, big tech is investing billions on “generative AI” systems that can generate text- and image-based answers to inquiries.

For its part, Google recently began previewing an AI chatbot to the public and will soon offer AI-powered writing features inside its free Workspace software, including Docs (its Microsoft Word rival) and Gmail.

To help you get to grips with the tech, Google’s experts will teach you how to “boost your productivity with AI” in one of the training sessions aimed at individuals.


Over the course of 45 minutes, Google says you’ll learn how to use AI tools to save time, including how to cut down on administrative tasks, brainstorm new ideas, and write code. It also covers ways to apply different systems to a workplace, when and how to invest in AI, and how to prepare data for a machine learning project.

Both modules will be held live over YouTube from mid-August to early October, during which attendees will get the chance to ask questions. By registering for an event you can also watch it on-demand after it has ended.

Google’s training initiative is timely as it comes amid a slowdown in AI chatbot usage. After a meteoric start, global traffic to the ChatGPT website fell by an estimated 10 percent between May and June. It was the first drop in the leading chatbot’s number of visitors since its launch in December.

It’s unclear if the dip was due to the start of the summer holidays or waning interest in AI chat.


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