Pakistan police may soon arrest Sara Sharif’s father

Sara Sharif’s father Urfan Sharif and his partner Beinash Batool (Image credit: Surrey Police)
Sara Sharif’s father Urfan Sharif and his partner Beinash Batool (Image credit: Surrey Police)
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Police in Pakistan stepped up their search for and capture of a British man who left the country after the tragic death of his 10-year-old daughter, Sara Sharif. A day before Sara’s dead corpse was found at their Woking home earlier this month, Urfan Sharif, 41, his wife Beinash Batool, 29, and his brother Faisal Malik, 28, left the country.

The group is wanted for interrogation in relation to Sara’s death, therefore Surrey Police have started an international manhunt for them.

While the probe spans continents, Pakistani investigators are concentrating on Jhelum, the hometown of the family, and focusing their search as they follow a SIM card from Sharif’s cell phone.

Recently, the SIM was utilised in Jhelum, which is around 70 kilometres from Islamabad. There are rumours that the wanted people are being protected and helped in their escape by family members.

The case’s senior police officer, Nasir Bajwa, pledged a commitment to finding the suspects.

“With God’s will, we will make the arrest soon,” he affirmed. The case has been particularly distressing for the police team, as they work to unravel the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Sara.

Urfan Sharif’s father Muhammad Sharif, who is also Sara’s grandpa, pleaded with his son to help the police.

According to him, the family wants the situation to be resolved quickly to preserve their household’s privacy, which has been violated by repeated police intrusions.

During a quick visit to their family home in Punjab, Sharif’s father revealed that his son had not told him about Sara’s passing.

Before leaving the UK, the suspects—which also included taxi driver Sharif, Batool, and Malik—bought one-way tickets to Pakistan for £5,000 each.

10-year-old Sara Sharif. — Surrey Police handout
10-year-old Sara Sharif. — Surrey Police handout

A day before Sara’s body was found, they disappeared with five kids, ages one to thirteen.

When Sharif dialled 999 in panic from Pakistan, the Surrey Police were informed of the situation, which allowed them to learn about the horrific event that occurred on August 10 at their family home.

Sharif’s history of several marriages has just been revealed by family members.

He married Polish citizen Olga Domin, 36, with whom he had an older son who is now 13 years old, shortly after coming in the UK on a student visa almost 15 years ago. Later, after divorcing Olga, he wed Luton native Beinash, with whom he had three children.

According to multiple accounts, the ongoing manhunt and worldwide investigation highlight the difficulties and gravity of this horrific case as police work to bring Sara and her mourning family justice.


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