Tarique Rahman’s London-tale of 15 years

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Tarique Rahman's London-tale of 15 years

What is Tarique Rahman doing in the United Kingdom for last more then 15 years, how is he running the party, apart from the party leaders, activists and supporters of BNP, the common people of Bangladesh are interested in the top leader of BNP.

There was a fierce discussion in the British Parliament for the release of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, the three-time Prime Minister of Bangladesh Begum Khaleda Zia’s child and the main leader of the party has been living in the United Kingdom for more than a decade. But the discussion in the British Parliament for the opportunity of treatment abroad for Khaleda Zia, who is physically sick, is a long way off, at least the party could not gather the statements of at least five British even EU MPs.

After more than a decade in the UK, Khaleda Zia has had no visible results or activity at the British diplomatic level for her overseas treatment. However, Dr Gowher Rizvi, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh in London, under the banner of various organizations including the local High Commissioner and the Study Circle, are in various directions to highlight the positive activities of the current government in Bangladesh to the European parliamentarians and British MP’s. But, there is no such activity visible on behalf of BNP.

According to Tarique Rahman’s close sources, he is living with his wife and daughter in a rented house in London’s Kingston area. Although he used to meet national and local leaders and activists in the lobby of a hotel called Kingston Lodge next to his house, Tarique has reduced his meetings with leaders and activists in the last one and a half years after the hotel called Kingston Lodge was demolished. Although he joined some of the agendas of the UK BNP and allied organisations, the leader now spends most of his time interacting with the various levels of the country’s party. In addition to the top leaders of the party’s central and associate organizations, Tarique Rahman has direct communication and relationship with the top leaders of 64 districts. The party agenda, the role of the leaders in the implementation of the agenda at the district level is being directly monitored from London. The senior leaders of the team are regularly connected on video calls and give various instructions.

Tarique Rahman’s biggest success is keeping the BNP united by leading from abroad even after the party was out of power for more than 15 years in the face of various activities of the government and the ruling party. Tariqe Rahman is running the party from abroad. However, there is no visible division at any stage of the party even in the face of multifaceted activities of the intelligence agencies. The presence of a large number of people in the party meeting is seen as a political success of Tarique Rahman by his close followers in UK.

However, critics say, any leader of BNP does not have a history of surviving outside the mainstream like the Awami League. And the main reason for the spontaneous influx of people to the agenda of BNP in the field is the spontaneous presence of ordinary people who are fed up with the various activities of the government.

Return to the country:


According to multiple sources, Tarique Rahman’s Bangladeshi passport has been submitted to the Bangladesh High Commission in London for renewal long ago. Despite repeated requests, the High Commission has not given any response regarding the return of his passport. Tarique Rahman’s lawyer did not want to talk to reporters in this matter.

Syndicate of Beneficiaries:

Although multi-faceted diplomatic activities on behalf of BNP in the United States are visible at the organizational and some individual levels of BNP.
No such initiative is visible currently in the UK and Europe. Although Tarique Rahman from the United Kingdom wants to evaluate transparency in the party , it is being disrupted in many areas due to some syndicates formed in the identity of people close to Tarique Rahman. Allegations that these syndicates are making money transactions in the formation of committees at different levels of various affiliated organizations including the BNP Juba Dal and other organizations. Even though the same person has been the president of a district committee in Moulvibazar for 22 years, the syndicate is breaking up the term of the elected committee in different districts and upazilas. In Kulaura and Kamalganj of Moulvibazar district, the 22-years non-elected president of the district committee is playing a game of breaking up the committee. There is intense dissatisfaction with the committee in several districts including Brahmanbaria. In Brahmanbaria incidents, direct accusations are against Tarique Rahman’s private secretary Abdur Rahman Sunny’s brothers Kabir Ahmad Bhuiya. In the news of the top national dailies of Bangladesh, including Pratham Alo, Kabir Ahmad Bhuiya is mentioned as the former leader of the Chhatra League, but the leadership election of BNP in several districts including Brahmanbaria is now practically in the hands of these two brothers.

Tarique Rahman

In London and in the country around Tarique Rahman is influential within several organized syndicates of beneficiaries. These circles are still strong in various fields including party co-organization, formation of committees at various levels, party nominations.

An organizational secretary of the BNP central committee said on the condition of anonymity that, Tarique Rahman had a direct relationship with the party leaders and created a database within the party after receiving the title of joint general secretary. He did lot of for to connect with the root level of the party.

At the same time, relatively unknown leaders such as Nadeem Mostafa, who was discussed after wearing the golden crown of Rajshahi, and Rashiduzzaman Millat in Jamalpur, emerged in BNP, bypassing many senior leaders of national politics.

Nur uddin Apu, a former aide of reformist Rashiduzzaman Millat is an intimate and business partner. Millat, who has been doing business very well in the Bangladesh, recently came to the United Kingdom to meet with Tarique Rahman. After that, Millat was made the treasurer of a party like BNP without any discussion at any stage of the party.

Tarique Rahman’s own decision soon after BNP’s largest gathering in Dhaka in recent times A plan to block the entrance to Dhaka was taken, which ended in failure. Due to this unplanned protest agenda, many leaders have to be arrested and attacked. Party sources Said, the achievement of such a successful program is overshadowed by the flop program of blocking the entrance to Dhaka.

He will become the Prime Minister, it is the hope of his party leaders and activists.
But after becoming joint secretary general in 2001, personal staff like Apu, Ashiq, Joy, Rummon, Belayet, Rakibul Islam Bakul cut the sides of the national level leaders and created the ring. Those are still very powerful inside the party.

The personal staff and the controlled circle of staff are influential in the party, aside from the leaders who have been leaders of various organizations including the Chhatra Dal for a long time in this party.

Even after more than 15 years of the party being out of power, the staff of the Hawa Bhawan regime are still influential. They visit London regularly. Many of them have political offices in Dhaka. Surprisingly, there is no case against anyone except Mia Nuruddin Apu.

But the three-times formar MPs also have to run to personal officials to reach the leader.
Even after the three-time MP came to London, Tarique Rahman’s personal staff could not be seen, such an incident was frequent.

A joint secretary of the central committee of BNP said on condition of anonymity that a party has been out of power for more than 15 years. 15 to 20 cases against many leaders of district upazila level. After 15 years of the case game by the opposition party, it is seen that those who were not on the ground when the party committee was formed, who had no contribution on the streets, are taking positions in many fields. The name is being broken by the High Command. He also told to Daily Dazzling Dawn reporter, If you Want to do news as a journalist, but the idea that our leader will be corrected after reading the news is absurd. He will read the news and find out who gave him this information, he will be displeased with him.


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