British government backs away from legalization of illegal immigrants

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Created frustration among the huge number of Bangladeshis!
The British government has moved far away from the announcement to give legality to immigrants living in Britain without legal documents. This has also created frustration among the large number of Bangladeshis living in Britain without valid documents.

Boris Johnson, when he was mayor of London in 2008, promised to legalize those living in Britain without legal documents. He reiterated that promise even after taking over as Prime Minister of Britain. At that time, he said, his government will find a quick way to legalize illegal immigrants in Britain. It should be also noted that the former Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson, upon coming to power, announced a quick consideration of the legalization of nearly five million illegal immigrants living in Britain without legal documents. But in the end he did not take any action in this matter. The next two Prime Ministers also did not talk about this matter.

At the moment, Britain’s main parties are pushing ahead with anti-immigration policies ahead of next year’s national election. The Labor Party has always been sympathetic to immigrants throughout Britain’s history.
The White British-backed Conservative Party and the left-leaning Labor Party have practically the same immigration promises and goals.

Now Conservative party wants to impose the greatest strictness on immigration with the help of Rishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister from a Indian immigrant family background.

Although accurate statistics are not available, around one lakh Bangladeshis are living in Britain without valid documents. They were assured of validity in a post-Brexit situation. At that time, many people thought that the country’s economy will benefit if the old people who are living and working illegally are not brought in new manpower. The government could earn tax from their work by integrating them into the mainstream of the British economy.

The current reality is that the complexity of inflation and economic crisis caused by Brexit, as well as several million new immigrants from different countries last two years, Britain’s politics and economy are in turmoil.

A number of organizations have long worked to provide legal status to migrants who have been living in Britain for a long time without legal papers. They criticized the government for moving away from its previously promised position.


A spokesman for Focus on Labor Exploitation (Flex) said the amnesty would have ensured the protection of people without valid permission to live and work in Britain.

A spokeswoman for the Rennmaid Trust said the former Prime Minister’s earlier promised amnesty to legalize illegal immigrants was just lip service. It has now been confirmed.

The former Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets Council, Ohid Ahmed, said that If illegal immigrants were granted amnesty, they could play a larger role in Britain’s foreign policy. No such amnesty has been granted in Britain for more than two decades. Which is given at regular intervals in different countries of Europe.


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