Big trouble awaits immigrants in Britain

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Big trouble awaits immigrants in Britain

Britain’s biggest crackdown on illegal immigration in recent years could begin a crackdown next year, political and immigration analysts fear.

In the meantime, the British government will increase the amount of fines from 15,000 pounds to 60,000 pounds if the employer gives work to those without valid work permition
which will come into effect from the beginning of 2024. After the implementation of this law, no employer will take the risk of giving work to illegal workers.

The Indefinite Leave to Remain or residence permit in Britain is currently take five years. The government announced on June 5 that, they are thinking actively working to change it eight years.
If the 8-year law comes into effect, there will be further extension and if the employer does not have a license until that extension, the applicants will have to be in uncertainty about extending the period anew.

In such a situation, the life of hundreds of thousands of immigrants from different countries after the corona epidemic, hoping to live in Britain, can be greatly uncertain.

Britain’s political analyst Nurur Rahim Noman said to Daily Dazzling Dawn, Britain’s main parties are pushing ahead with anti-immigration policies ahead of next year’s national election. The Labor Party has always been sympathetic to immigrants throughout Britain’s history. But now the Conservative Party, which is mostly supported by white British people, and the left wing Labor Party have practically the same promises and goals on immigration.


The Labor Party, founded by trade unionist leaders, is growing in policy distance with trade union leaders. The present leader has a severe tendency to be hostile towards the party’s Left wing MPs, to make them irrelevant.

The current leader of the Labor Party has been moving steadily to the right to win the next election, leading in the opinion polls and cleverly backtracking on many of his previous promises, using the economic downturn as an excuse. The result of which will go against the immigrants.
On the other hand, in order to attract the votes of mainly anti-immigration white voters and to avoid a major defeat in the upcoming elections, which opinion polls show, the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who is of Indian descent from an immigrant family, wants to impose the biggest crackdown on immigration.

Although exact statistics are not available, almost one lakh Bangladeshis are living in Britain without valid documents. They were assured of their legitimacy in a post-Brexit scenario. At that time, many people thought that the economy of the country would benefit if the old ones who are living and working without legal status are not brought in new manpower. The government could derive tax from their work by integrating it into the mainstream of the British economy.

The current reality is that the politics and economy of Britain are in turmoil due to the complexity, inflation and economic crisis caused by Brexit.

In this matter, the former deputy mayor of Tower Hamlets Council Ahid Ahmad told the Daily Dazzling Dawn that, Thousands of people who came on various work visas including care visas are unemployed. All in all, ordinary people, including immigrants, are going through the worst time in Britain in the last few years.

Analysts of current affairs and political events in Britain say that both former and current Home Affairs Ministers are staunchly anti-immigration despite coming from immigrant families. Efforts are underway to pass and enforce one after another draconian anti-immigration laws with their hands. Definitely Britain Immigration will become the tramcard in the next election. The politics of public satisfaction will become the main issue. New immigrants to Britain can be targeted.


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