EU Wants to Make It Easier for Europeans to Live, Work & Travel in Other Member States

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EU Wants to Make It Easier
To make it simpler for Europeans to live, work, and travel in other Member States, the European Union Commission has recommended initiatives to further digitalize the coordination of social security systems throughout the union.


The Commission has outlined steps in a special communication to use digital tools to speed up and simplify access to social security services across borders.

The move will enhance information sharing across security authorities and speed up benefit recognition and cross-border awarding, making it simpler for Europeans to live, work, and travel abroad and for businesses to conduct business in other EU nations.

The Commission has requested that the Member States expedite the national implementation of the Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information as part of its measures so that it is fully operational in Europe by the end of next year.

Additionally, Member States are now expected to offer more social security coordination processes online in order to give those who choose to relocate and find employment abroad quick access to their available benefits.

Along with the above stated initiatives, the EU Member States are working together to pilot the European Social Security Pass and bring about the EU Digital Identity Wallets. The latter will make it simpler for healthcare professionals and social security organisations to validate these papers by enabling all EU residents to carry digital versions of their entitlement documents, such as their EHIC.

The ability for Europeans to live, work, and study in other Member States is one of the major accomplishments, according to Valdis Dombrovskis, Executive Vice-President for an Economy that Works for People, who commented on the move.

“Digitalisation makes the application of these rules easier for citizens while reducing the burden for businesses and administrations,” the statement of Dombrovskis reads.

Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit also commented on the matter, saying that the further digitalisation of social security systems in Europe will have huge cost and time-saving effects on businesses and national authorities.

“Millions of people from the EU live, work or study in another EU country. Today’s Communication contributes to simplifying their lives by facilitating their interactions with national authorities and giving them speedier access to their eligible social benefits from abroad, such as pensions or healthcare,” Schmit added.

The EU Parliament and Council are now expected to endorse the approach set in the Commission’s Communication.


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