Ireland & France Launching Combined Train & Ferry Ticket in 2024

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Ireland & France Launching Combined Train & Ferry Ticket in 2024
Ireland and France have made the decision to go one step closer to the introduction of a combined “Sail and Rail” ticket between the two nations in 2024 with the Rugby World Cup 2023 having officially begun in France.

As stated by the then-Taoiseach of Ireland and the President of France in November 2022, the unified tickets will make it easier to buy and travel between the two nations starting in 2019.

Additionally, the bundled tickets will advertise cost-effective eco-friendly transit solutions.

According to the Irish Department of Transport, beginning in early September, individuals who travel between France and Ireland and who start or finish their trip on a boat and a train will be able to purchase their train tickets on the websites of Brittany Ferries and Irish Ferries.

“What’s more is that this new Sail-Rail facility gives passengers access to discounted fares to encourage passengers to avail of this initiative,” the Irish Department of Transport said.

Moreover, it has been noted that getting to the relevant train stations at either end is now easier, as well as included in the Sail-Rail package.

The Department of Justice of Ireland said that port transfers from the station to the ferry terminal are also now facilitated by buses in four cities – Dublin, Cork, Cherbourg and Roscoff.

Trailine, Rail-Europe, and other partnering operators offer online booking services where passengers may make reservations for the ferry-train combination listed above.

When the “Sail and Rail” tickets are introduced in 2024, the arrangements will be much more straightforward because to Ireland and France’s shared plans. Once the service is launched, a single reservation will be valid for the full train and maritime travel.

The two nations decided to introduce such a ticket since trains and ferries are the most energy-efficient ways of transportation. Additionally, compared to flying, trains and ferries are a lot more environmentally friendly option.

The ferry produces just 1% of what an aeroplane does over the same route in terms of carbon dioxide per tonne-km, whereas the railway emits 8%.


The EU nations are always working to implement improvements that will encourage more people to adopt environmentally friendly forms of transportation.

Earlier in August, France declared its intention to reduce the cost of railway tickets while raising taxes on airline tickets. The increased taxes are anticipated to be introduced as part of the new budget for the next year, according to the French Minister of Transport.


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