Denmark introduces new monetary requirements for sponsors of accompanying family members

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The Danish government will introduce new requirements for family members of Faroe Islands residents, who from 2 September will have to prove that their sponsor in the Islands can support them .

According to a press release from the Danish Immigration Service, all applicants in this category are subject to this requirement and only those with a residence permit under the Sports Agreement are excluded from this requirement.

“All first-time applications submitted on September 2, 2023, or later are subject to the changes. The permit will state whether it is a condition for your residence permit that the sponsor can support you. The requirement for support will, in these instances, also apply if you apply for an extension of your residence permit,” the press release reads.

In addition, this requirement will not apply to those who have applied for a residence permit in the Faroe Islands before 2 September 2023. In addition, to those who already have a residence permit as are a family member traveling with the sponsor to the Faroe Islands and their permit was issued before this announcement, the requirement to demonstrate that their sponsor can support them financially does not apply them if they want to renew their license.

More specifically, the spouse, partner or child under 18 years of age of a person who already holds a residence and work permit in the Faroe Islands can apply for a residence permit as part of the member’s application. accompanying family.

In the Faroe Islands, spouses or cohabitants must have a monthly income of around 4,654 euros to prove that they can financially support the accompanying family member, while this amount is even higher. more (5,336 euros) for a spouse or partner with children under 18 years old. travel with sponsor to the Faroe Islands.


For children under 18 years of age, the sponsor must have a monthly income of €3,796, with an additional €427 for each additional child, and is allowed to have a maximum of four children.

“You must submit the sponsor’s current employment contract in the Faroe Islands. If the sponsor is already working in the Faroe Islands, you must also submit the sponsor’s paychecks for the last three months,” the official website explains.

Accompanying family members from the Faroe Islands with a residence permit are allowed to work during their stay as well as stay in Danish territory as long as the permit is valid. People who have lived on the Faroe Islands for more than two years and have a permanent permit can reside outside for up to 12 months and in case of staying outside longer than allowed, their permit will be automatically terminated.


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