Visa fraud in the name of Bangladeshi mosques in London

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Visa fraud in the name of Bangladeshi mosques in London

In the Bangladeshi community, starting from some leaders of the United Kingdom BNP Awami League, some well-known faces of the community in various professions including lawyers, despite bringing hundreds of people from Bangladesh in the name of care visa and work permit, they are living an inhumane life without getting work.

The web of organized fraud has spread to religious institutions including mosques and madrasas. Complaints have been received from at least 17 people about taking work permits in the name of a mosque of London’s Bangladeshi-dominated Camden. In this incident, the general secretary of the mosque committee resigned two days ago.

Unable to find work as previously promised, victims of recent care and work permits are suffering endless misery. Many have no place to stay. A new rich class has been created overnight in the Bangladeshi community across Britain by brokering care visas and work permits, even though many of the victims have not been able to get proper food. These scammers are investing the invisible money earned by brokering visas in different countries of the Middle East outside of Britain.


The victims do not want to speak out now in hopes of getting their money back. On condition of anonymity A victim of the visa scam of the mosque in Camden’s Cangiestown said that, a teacher of the mosque’s madrasa branch has been missing for the past few months.

The victims told that organized fraud is going on in the community even with the Minister of Religion visa under tier two to bring the imam muezzin of the mosques and the teachers of the maktabs run in the mosques.

Commenting on the multi-faceted fraud after the teachers of the mosques’ imams were brought from Bangladesh on a visa, Farid Ahmed Reza, the Chief editor of Weekly Surma,who is also veteran teacher of the Bangladeshi community in Britain, said that many people have questions about the transparency and accountability in the work of those who manage the mosques and maktabs.

Saidul Islam, general secretary of UK-Bangla Press Club, said, for the last two years, we have been writing, speaking and trying our best to make people aware of the organized fraud that is going on in the Bangladeshi community in the name of care and work permit visa in newspapers and social media. But some leaders of various political parties along with a number of few lawyers of the community have become owners of thousands of pounds overnight in this visa business. Visa business has created a new rich class of black money owners in the society. This money has been brought to Bangladesh by the sale of land and father’s pension . Saidul Islam also said that, even though only 200 pounds are required for a care visa, each visa is being sold for at least 15 to 22 thousand pounds due to the brokers. Thousands of Bangladeshis are now unemployed after coming to this country after spending 25 lakhs Taka. Although there are countless events in the community, there is no visible initiative of any organization to stand by the side of such unfortunate Bangladeshis. We are especially shocked by the fraud that took place in the name of mosques by giving visas to 17 people.

MD Iqbal Hossain and Shuvagata Dey, two barristers of the Bangladeshi community in London, told that, it is most important to know and understand the situation before coming UK. Dealing directly with the perpetrator and mastering the tasks involved will actually reduce suffering.


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