A floating mosque is being built in Dubai; Prayer can be done underwater

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A floating mosque is being built in Dubai; Prayer can be done underwater

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is going to build a floating mosque for the first time in the world. This mosque will be built in Dubai, this Middle Eastern country. For this purpose, the Dubai authorities have also announced a plan of 55 million Emirates dirhams.

One part of this floating mosque will be under water and the other part will be above water, according to the UAE-based media Khaleej Times.

According to the report, a possible rendering of the mosque, half of the mosque structure will have seating areas and a coffee shop above the water; And the other part will be submerged under water.

The media says the world’s first such structure will have three floors. An underwater deck will be used as a prayer space. Around 50-75 worshipers will have a unique experience of praying together underwater.

Even the submerged part of the water mosque will have ablution facilities and washrooms. Worshipers will have a unique experience of praying underwater.

The plan for the mosque was announced at a briefing on Dubai’s Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) religious tourism project.

Ahmed Al Mansoori from ICAD told Khaleej Times that the construction of this unique mosque will start soon.

However, the exact location of where this mosque will be built in Dubai has not yet been revealed.

Ahmed Al Mansouri said, “It will be very close to the shore. Pilgrims will be able to reach there by walking through a bridge connected to the mainland.”

He said the mosque would be open to people of all religions, but visitors (of other religions) must wear modest clothing. In his words, Visitors to the floating mosque should wear modest clothes and follow Islamic traditions and customs.


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