Unplanned immigration laws in UK, Uneven immigrants life

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Unplanned immigration laws in UK, Uneven immigrants life

One after another unplanned changes are coming to Britain’s immigration laws. As the country’s economy is suffering by these sudden and unplanned changes under four Prime Ministers, starting from Theresa May, the personal and family lives of immigrants are widely affected. Incorrect Home Office decisions, delayed decisions, sponsor irregularities and corruption in the work visa sector make life difficult for new immigrants.

The lack of coherence and coherence in Britain’s official policy on immigration is evident. People are suffering because the decision of one government is changed during the tenure of another government.

The Tory government’s overly complicated visa rules are also creating pressure for entrepreneurs in the offshore wind sector, including other work visa.


After almost stopping the bringing of spouses on student visas, now the government is thinking of imposing conditions in the field of bringing spouses on work visas as well.

Before in the case of Permanent Residence Permits or Indefinite Leave to Remain, the UK residence rules apply to five consecutive years on specified visas. The home office of the country is planning to increase this period from five to eight years. Other major changes include the addition of a requirement for applicants to provide proof of at least two years of work or two years of study in Britain. Also, if the applicant has been convicted in any case within ten years prior to the application, he will lose the eligibility to apply for permanent residence. In addition, the application for indefinite leave to remain for those over 65 years of age does not require a test on the lifestyle of Britain, but the new proposal also proposes a life in the UK test for them.

Strictness has also been imposed in the field of renting houses to those without valid documents. The raids are underway in rented houses with more than a certain number of people living in them.

On the other side, one third of the increase in work visas between 2019 and 2022 (years ending June) consisted of Indian nationals (111,000 work visas issued compared with 63,000 previously).
There was also a substantial increase in work visas issued to nationals of the Philippines (22,000 compared with around 12,000 per year under the old system) and Nigeria (17,000 compared with around 2,000 previously).

The EU countries with the highest uptake of work visas under the new system were France (5,400 visas issued), Germany (4,300) and Italy (3,000).

The UK Government is focused on addressing skills shortages created by the end of free movement of workers from the EU post Brexit. At the same time, the Government aims to fulfil the Prime Minister’s recent pledge to bring down net migration which, recent estimates have shown, has hit 606,000 a year – up 24%.

Analysts of current affairs and political events in Britain say that both former and current Home Affairs Ministers are staunchly anti-immigration despite coming from immigrant families. Efforts are underway to pass and enforce one after another draconian anti-immigration law with their hands. Definitely, Immigration will become the tramcard in the next election. The politics of public satisfaction will become the main issue.


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