“We shall come back Sunday after Sunday”

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We shall come back Sunday after Sunday


Syed Mizan sleeping on the floor with Steward Fancy every Saturday night after our number of compliments to police to stop the National Front (NF) coming to Brick Lane, Bethnal Green Road part where the NF handing out their racist leaflets and booklets every Sunday to public.

In 1976 the government pass the Race Relations Act 1976 where the Home Office setup the Commission For Racial Equality CRE to monitoring local authorities racism within the local authority which helped us Anti Racist Movement after 4th May 1978 three racists killed Altab Ali on the local elections day which anti racist movement was a Truring Point, I must give credit to maintain stream media play a vital role along with the all anti racist organisation within the London local leadership from Bangladesh Youth Front BYF, within Brick Lane are, Bangladesh Youth Movement BYM within Cannon Street Road are plus Bangladesh Youth League BYL, and Bangladesh Youth Association BYA youth wings of one leading group within the BWA.

Our ongoing campaign started after the killing of Altab Ali and police was forced to change senior members of police officers from the Tower Hamlets area and bring new officers to handing the Anti Racist Movement in 1978.

Also at the end of 1978 National Front NF forced them to move their headquarters from Great Eastern Street to South London. We Bengali Anti Racist leaders and activists did not stop just fighting against racist on the street but at the same time started setting up self-help groups like Spitalfield Housing Cooperative (now SH Association), Spitalfield Small Business Association (SSBA), Tower Hamlets Training Forum, Kobi Nazrul Centre, Asian Unemployed Outreach Project ( AUOP), in 80’s Federation of Bangladeshi Youth Organisation ( FBYO) nation umberla body for majority youth organisations in the UK and many more self-help youth and others groups within the Tower Hamlets.

We shall come back Sunday after Sunday

Also, we did not stop there but encouraged emotived Bengali to getting involved with Tenants Association, City and Towels Area Youth Committe where Rojon Uddin Jalal was first Bengali under 23 representative to becoming members of the City and Tower Hamlets Area Youth Committe.

Later, I have joined Jala Bhai on the City and Tower Hamlets Area Youth Committe and serve as grant sub-committee chairman working with senior youth officer Pat Topley who made great contribution for our community as far Youth activities were concerned, in mid 80′ setup the Bengali Educational Needs In Tower Hamlets (BENTH), working Jointly with Inner London Education Authority (ILEA) came up with £ half million pounds under Tower Hamlets Initative 13 full time unqualified Youth Workers plus many part-time Youth Workers, it was appointed under the Tower Hamlets Initative plus all education body within Tower Hamlets employed Bengali worker to improve and encourage Bengalis needs within the education that is including the Area Youth Office, Division 5, Adult Education Institute (AEI), City and East London College, Montefiore Education Community centre part of ILEA and some Bengali Educational projects.

The 1978 Brick Lane Turing Point was blessing for Bengali community where started things improvement for better politically and otherwise. Our fight was dedicated to the community in East London.

Sunahwar Ali
Former Chief Whip of Tower Hamlets Council, and Brick Lane Turning Point 1978 Anti Racist Campaign.


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