Unmasking Biases: A Condemnation of Western Media

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Unmasking Biases: A Condemnation of Western Media

In ancient Rome, a civil war erupted when Julius Caesar declared himself dictator for life in 44 BC, triggering a fake news crisis. After Caesar’s assassination by the group known as “the liberators,” a power struggle ensued between his supporters, Mark Antony and Octavian.

Octavian, adept at propaganda, portrayed Antony as a threat to Roman values, leveraging fake news to secure victory in the Battle of Actium and ultimately paving the way for his transformation into Augustus, the first emperor of Rome.

The ‘Times of Israel’ reported on October 10, 2023, that at least 40 Israeli babies were allegedly killed by Hamas, with some reportedly decapitated. However, major news outlets such as CBS, Business Insider, CNN, and others, including Indian sources, have echoed this information without presenting any corroborative evidence. Notably, despite the lack of confirmation, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) has chosen not to comment, even though the journalist asserted that IDF soldiers were the origin of the information. This fake news has been debunked by valid sources, but the media is blatantly spreading the news in their channels online as well as on social media, and the official Twitter/X handle of Israel (@Israel ) still has not taken the video down in which the claim is being made.

Such claims are not new; they are disseminated with the intent of eliciting sympathy from the general public, whose primary source of information is often shaped by what the media presents, thus influencing the narrative. The ‘Kuwaiti Incubator Hoax’ for instance, was used to fuel the Gulf War, and the 2016 US election serves as a prime example of the influence of fake news. We have also seen it in the ongoing Ukraine war.

Another instance of biased journalism is the case of ‘Shani Louk,’ a German-Israeli woman who was initially reported dead and raped by Hamas according to various sources on the first day of the attack. Despite all these sources asserting her death, her mother confirmed two days later that she was alive, albeit in critical condition. Unfortunately, the impact of this fake news has already inflicted irreparable damage on the people of Palestine. In fact, there are so many other instances of such propaganda that it is almost impossible for the common people to see for themselves what is true. There is no denying that Shani Louk is a victim, and her situation is grave. However, it is equally undeniable that the mainstream media disseminated false information about her death and exploited her identity, along with readily available online pictures from her Instagram, to fuel animosity towards the people of Palestine and Muslims.


It appears that any narrative favoring Israel is the one mainstream media tends to promote, irrespective of the reliability of sources. This seems to be driven by the pursuit of clicks and swaying public opinion, as the media giants often refrain from investing the effort to verify the sources of such news, yet they readily propagate it.

The so-called western intellectuals and voices of reason such as Jordan Peterson, Ben Shaprio et al are calling for the killing of Palestinians in their Twitter/X posts which, in other words, is calling for genocide. Jordan Peterson, for example, in one of his tweets regarding the Palestinians says “Give ‘em hell” and mentions Benjamin Netanyahu in it. He also had a dream of a nuclear holocaust a couple of days ago. He fears a nuclear war is imminent. But everyone knows who has the a-bomb, and who fights with sticks and stones. In one of his YouTube videos, Ben Shaprio, an ardent conservative Jew and a political commentator, says “Israel kills enough of the sons of b*****s that this is not a problem against us.”

The Defense Minister of Israel called the people of Palestine ‘human animals’ while announcing their siege on Gaza. To him, the Palestinian children, women and the elderly are beasts meant to be slaughtered for their atrocities against the ‘chosen people of God’. Their atheist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a Twitter/X post says to the people of Gaza, “Leave now because we will operate forcefully everywhere.” He seems to have forgotten the fact that Gaza is actually the world’s largest open-air prison and its inhabitants have nowhere to go. The irony lies in the fact that “Hamas” was reportedly created by Israel itself. A 2009 Wall Street Journal article titled “How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas” outlines Israel’s strategy of using Hamas as a counterbalance to secular nationalists within the Palestine Liberation Organization. Avner Cohen, a Tunisian-born Jew with extensive experience in Gaza, stated, “Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel’s creation.” Sheikh Yassin founded the Islamist group Mujama al-Islamiya, initially recognized by Israel as a charity and later, in 1979, as an association, laying the foundations for what would eventually evolve into Hamas. Israel also supported the establishment of the Islamic University of Gaza, which is now perceived as a center for militancy, and was bombed on October 11, 2023.

This raises the question: “Why aren’t the Jewish people condemning their own authorities for creating the group responsible for these atrocities?” It is because their scheme involves seizing control of Gaza and incorporating it into
the territory of the self-proclaimed ‘chosen people of God.’ The objective is to ensure that every inch of Gaza is under their dominion, solidifying the establishment of the state of Israel.

The unfolding events in the Gaza Strip are not a sudden occurrence but rather the result of longstanding tensions. While the West aligns itself with Israel, it seems to overlook the documented killing of Palestinian children, women, and the elderly, contrasting with the disputed claim of “40 decapitated babies.” Notably, mainstream media is not posing the same humanitarian questions raised during the Ukraine invasion; instead, some are seemingly promoting the killings. One American news host likened the attack on Israel to an attack on America, and another controversially equated the value of one Jewish life to ten Americans. I wonder what the Americans, whose tax paying money is being used to fund these proxy wars, feel about that. It appears that Western media has fallen short in their own arena, as they have on numerous occasions in the past.

US President Joe Biden, an utter disappointment of a leader of the so-called free world, likened the recent Hamas attack to 9/11. In his ignorance, he does not realize that it is apparent who orchestrated the 9/11 attack and why. 9/11 was the US’s pass to invade Iraq “despite the intelligence community’s unequivocal conclusion that Iraq had nothing to do with either 9/11 or al-Qaida,” one could question whether Joe Biden’s statement ambiguously implies that the recent Hamas attack is Israel’s equivalent of 9/11, potentially serving as a justification to invade Gaza and eradicate its existence from the face of the earth. Questions arise about the efficacy of Israeli intelligence, Mossad, widely regarded as one of the best globally, in not anticipating the recent attack. Egyptian authorities asserted they warned Israel about a suspicious event, a claim Benjamin Netanyahu denies.

Muslims worldwide express support for the oppressed people of Palestine, independent of any affiliation with Hamas. The claim that Hamas is killing innocent people because it is a Muslim group, and Islam promotes the killing of innocent people has no basis whatsoever in the Qur’an or in Hadith literature, in fact, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself prohibited such actions.

Contrary to Western claims, this conflict has no religious or historical basis, as Malcolm X concluded in his article for The Egyptian Gazette, September 14, 1964, “The Zionist argument to justify Israel’s present occupation of Arab Palestine has no intelligent or legal basis in history…not even in their own religion.


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