Asylum hunters using BNP identity in UK to await arrest of leaders in Bangladesh

Asylum hunters using BNP identity in UK to await arrest of leaders in Bangladesh
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If the leaders of BNP and like-minded parties are arrested or jailed in Bangladesh, the family members in the United Kingdom want to arrange their release on bail as soon as possible. And political asylum seekers in the UK in the name and Identity of BNP leaders and activists, wait for the opportunity to use the news as supporting material in their case if any BNP leader is arrested in BD.

UK BNP Vice-President Golam Rabbani Shohel was arrested by the police in front of the BNP central office in Naya Paltan on Tuesday, October 17 at around 11:30 pm, in Dhaka. Shamsuddin Didar, a member of the BNP Chairperson’s press wing, said.


The family members of UK BNP Vice President Golam Rabbani tried their best to release the arrested Rabbani on bail with the help of British Parliament members and British High Commission in Bangladesh.

A responsible senior leader of the United Kingdom BNP told this reporter on Sunday that the United Kingdom BNP wanted to announce an agenda in London with a press conference to demand his release.

He said, on condition of anonymity, UK BNP wanted to hold a press conference after he was arrested. Bangladeshi media journalists in London also want to talk to Shohel’s family about the matter. But, the family of the arrested started campaigning for the bail of Shohel through the legal process as well as the local member of parliament of his residence in Britain and the British High Commission in Bangladesh. Top leaders of the UK BNP also refrained from holding press conferences or any related agenda out of respect for the views and feelings of his family.

However, some opportunists who sought political asylum in the United Kingdom under the guise of United Kingdom BNP activists were unhappy with it.

Because, Shohel went to the country and was arrested and went to jail, the translated, certified copy of such published news is considered as evidence in court in UK. If the applicant can submit a copy of the newspaper to the court, the same can happen in the field of political asylum seeker, so it is convenient for him and the lawyer to claim that Bangladesh is unsafe for the applicant.

Therefore, a well-known barrister associated with BNP politics in London said that when Shohel’s news was published in the newspaper, hundreds of Bangladeshi Asylum seekers will get the facility of court at this ground. If there is news in a Bengali newspaper, it has to be translated into English and submitted to the court. If it is in an English newspaper, there is no need to worry about translation.

Before this, Shahidul Islam Mamun, joint general secretary of United Kingdom BNP and former Chhatra Dal leader, was arrested by the DB Police on September 3, 2018 while spending Eid with his relatives in Bangladesh. He served a long jail term and was released. It is known that despite the news of Mamun’s arrest being presented to the British court as a reference, many political asylum seekers got increased benefits in the case.

On the other hand, it has been reported to the Daily Dazzling Dawn from a source that even though a bail application was made for Golam Rabbani Shohel on Sunday (October 22), the concerned court in Bangladesh did not grant bail.

Notably, after the issue of asylum fraud came to light in the United Kingdom by using the name of BNP, Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman instructed the President and General Secretary of United Kingdom BNP not to give any kind of certificate as a leader or worker of BNP to anyone except the actual oppressed leaders and workers.

London’s Lincoln Chambers Solicitors Principal Barrister Nazir Ahmad said on Sunday that the news of the arrest has already appeared in the newspapers of Bangladesh. However, if it is published in an English newspaper, then it does not need translation, it is true. Political asylum seekers in Britain can submit it as evidence if they are arrested in Bangladesh in any political and harassment case.

He further said that expatriates are the lifeline of the economy of Bangladesh. The economy is still functioning because of their remittances. It is the constitutional right of every citizen, including expatriates, to move freely in their country. Article 36 of the Constitution gives this right. Article 36 of the Constitution clearly states that “every citizen shall have the right to move freely throughout Bangladesh, to reside and settle anywhere in Bangladesh, and to leave and re-enter Bangladesh, subject to reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the public interest.”

Barrister Nazir Ahmad also said that the expatriates go to the country on impulse and for urgent needs. I don’t know whether that BNP leader had any case, I don’t know him personally. Why should anyone be arrested and sent to jail when in doubt? In Britain, the police do not jail anyone until there is no alternative. If sent to jail, the unnecessary expenditure of the government increases.


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