Bangladeshi community in UK in the face of adversity

Bangladeshi community in UK in the face of adversity
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Inflation, rise in prices of commodities including fuel oil, Bangladeshis are not doing well in the UK due to the negative effects of war, unemployment all over the world. Most of the people of this community of around twelve lakh Bangladeshi people are now struggling to meet the expenses which have increased more than the income. The price of gas, electricity has increased several times.

Due to inflation, the monthly installments of home bank mortgages have doubled for many. House rent has almost doubled in the last two years. Where the old Bangladeshis are suffering, the Bangladeshis who came on student visa, work permit and care visa in the last three years are going through an extremely difficult time. Many Bangladeshis are unemployed, especially in London, facing a housing crisis. Many have no place to stay.


According to the data of Britain’s Office for National Statistics, house rent has increased by 5.1 percent this year, but in reality this rate is much higher. Landlords who rent to new immigrants without written contracts are charging arbitrary rent. At least a few thousand people of the Bangladeshi community are not getting the jobs they want since coming.

Retail sales volumes in the UK fell by 0.9% in September, a sharper drop than the 0.2% dip economists had predicted.British consumer price inflation (CPI) unexpectedly held at 6.7% in September, remaining the highest of any major advanced economy and keeping alive the possibility of another rise in interest rates.

A rise in petrol prices between August and September was the main factor stopping a fall in the annual rate, according to the the Office for National Statistics.

Md Tazul Islam, the coordinator of Amader Moulvibazar UK, told to daily dazzling dawn that; the situation of war around the world is damaging the economy. The employment sectors of Bangladeshis in this country have been damaged by the economic recession after the corona. Even if people increase, job opportunities do not increase proportionately is a big reason.

In search of livelihood, old people are in trouble as well as newcomers in the UK. The looming problem at present is one of accommodation. Where earlier the maximum charge for a double room was 350/400 pounds, it now stands at 1,000 pounds. Where earlier a house or a room could easily be found, it has become like a golden deer. While the new ones can change the city for the convenience of living, the old ones are not able to do that. It is now a matter of seeing when this problem of the new and the old will be solved.

British Society and Politics Analyst Nurur Rahim Noman said, since the corona virus, it is seen that the way of doing business has changed greatly. Many businesses have closed down and many are retrenched and operating with half staff due to lack of business. There is no problem for the business establishment because one of the two workers left, but a problem has arisen for a family. Because maybe the person who lost his job was the only breadwinner of his family. Due to the Corona lockdown, the habit of online dependence created among the people has affected the business.

The hospitality industry has suffered. Especially the curry industry of Bangladeshis has had a big impact. Business in restaurants is down. Many of the Bangladeshi community in Britain are involved in the minicab industry. In Britain, several million Bangladeshis make a living by driving these cabs. Income in this sector has also decreased due to economic recession.

UK Bangla Press Club joint general secretary Fokhrul Islam Khashru told to Daily Dazzling Dawn , the main occupation of Bangladeshi immigrants in Britain is taxi driving, restaurant, hospitality and caring sector. It is difficult to survive in the current economic crisis if we cannot create new employment opportunities in the changed reality.

Bedford-based journalist and community leader Sayekul Haque Sayek said, the main business of Bengalis in Britain is still the restaurant business. Due to various reasons, our restaurant sector is not able to compete with Turkish, Moroccan, Chinese food in terms of quality and price. Chain supermarkets now selling rice and curry. There is a shortage of skilled chefs in this sector.

Mahbubul Karim Suyed, a social worker, Journalist and writer living in Luton, said that people do not have cash. Many people are running after breaking their savings. From car, bicycles to petty thefts, phone thefts in Britain have increased several times compared to the past.

Faisal Rahman, a former student leader of Dhaka University, expatriate from the United Kingdom, told the Daily Dazzling Dawn that during the Corona period, large companies in this country have seen work from home or employees working from their homes, their work is going on. After the situation is normal, companies are leaning towards this path. Superstores are seeing business doing better by operating with fewer staff. This trend has reduced the employment opportunities in Britain.

Dr. Renu Luthfa has been working in the profession of teaching, editing and journalism in London for the past 42 years. She said, scarcity, unemployment is nothing new in people’s lives. The people of Britain have repeatedly fought against these odds. After the First and Second World Wars, after various epidemics, the fighting people built life with new zeal. Created a new livelihood. Newly arrived Bangladeshis also have to find a new way of livelihood. Our forefathers have to make a new version of the catering business. There will be employment opportunities if new career horizons are discovered.


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