Nasser Rahman is in trouble by abusing Londoni BNP leaders

Naser Rahman is in trouble by abusing Londoni BNP leaders
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There has been a reaction among BNP leaders and activists in London over Moulvibazar district BNP president Nasser Rahman’s speech abusing London expatriate leaders as batpar and shala.

The speech of district BNP president Nasser Rahman as the chief guest at the meeting of his own supported Kulaura BNP group in Kulaura upazila of Moulvibazar on October 22 is now floating on social media including Facebook. On the stage of the event, Ashiq Mosharraf, the vice president of district BNP, who is a follower of Nasser Rahman, gave a speech about Nasser Rahman’s maursi or succession within the BNP.

However, a statement signed by Moulvibazar District BNP Publicity Secretary M Idris Ali claimed yesterday (October 23). Nasser Rahman’s speech has been edited and disseminated.

Different levels of people and community leaders of the Bangladeshi expatriate community in the United Kingdom have spoken about Nasser Rahman’s speech about Londoni expatriates. Expatriate BNP leaders and activists themselves criticized Nasser Rahman’s speech on Facebook.

Veteran community personality, former Chief Whip of Tower Hamlets Council and Councilor Sunahur Ali told on Tuesday that the money used to buy weapons for the freedom fighters in our Great Liberation War, starting with the Agartala Conspiracy Case in 1969 remittances are all contributed by expatriates in London. The one who made these arrogant remarks about the expatriates of London, his father and even his children studying in this country. In his entire speech, he has made endless insolent and obscene comments against his own party leaders which are socially unacceptable. He said proudly that he has brought whomever he pleases to lead the committee under the district. He himself said that he is the president of Moulvibazar district BNP for the last 22 years. Sunawar Ali mentions that, the person has been in the same position for 22 years after so much arbitrariness admitted in his own face.

Reza Ahmed Faisal Chowdhury, the president of UK-Bangla Press Club, the representative organization of Bangladeshi journalists in the United Kingdom, said, “I am shocked by the speech of Nasser Rahman, who became the party’s district president overnight, calling the leaders and workers of his own party “bad blood” over the eligibility of the son of Saifur Rahman, the respected leader of Sylhet. If someone outside Sylhet had said what he said, there would have been several protest meetings in London by now. We, on behalf of the expatriate community, demand an immediate retraction and apology from Nasser Rahman.

Editor-in-Chief of Surma published from London, ex-Central Secretary General of Chhatra Shibir elected in 1982, retired teacher Farid Ahmad Reza has been living in London for the past forty years. He told on Tuesday, Nasser Rahman’s speech on a political stage is obscene, vulgar and unpolitical. Such a speech from a person of his age and stage is totally unexpected. While his party is talking about a united movement with everyone, his speech is completely against the spirit of unity.

Abdul Basit Chowdhury Khokon, a former student leader of Moulvibazar in the 1980s, who lives in London, said that a man’s speech is an indicator of his taste. Nasser Rahman should apologize to the London expatriate immediately.


KM Abu Taher Chowdhury, the secretary of Voice for Justice UK and a senior figure of the community in the UK, told this reporter that it was not appropriate to insult Londoners while expressing anger towards an expatriate worker of his party. Such unrestrained statements by the leader of a big political party like BNP must be withdrawn. He must express his sorrow.

Nashir Ahmed Shahin, a candidate for BNP’s nomination in Nasser Rahman’s seat, president of the United Kingdom
Jatiotabadi Sessasebok Dol and vice-president of the Central Committee, said that he should not have given such a speech when the party was in a united movement from the responsible position of the party. Expatriates work for the party, giving up labor for their livelihood. He should retract the statement and apologize.

Oliur Rahman Chowdhury Fahim, ex-Chhatra Dal leader of Kulaura living in London, said, I strongly protest and condemn such statements. The party will run according to the constitution of the party, not by anyone’s voice.

Mahidur Rahman, BNP’s three-time central international affairs secretary and advisor to BNP chairpersons, said that it was not appropriate for Nasser Rahman to comment on the entire Londoni diaspora because of a mistake made by an expatriate.


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