Fake asylum applications on Bangladeshi identity across Europe (Part 1)

Fake asylum applications on Bangladeshi identity across Europe
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Bengali speakers from India’s Karimganj, Assam and Myanmar are applying for asylum in various European countries as Bangladeshi citizens.

In the last week, the Daily Dazzling Dawn reporter talked to Bangladeshi immigrants, community leaders, embassy officials and NGOs from France, Germany and other European countries. They said that at one time, most of the Bangladeshis who entered the country by illegally crossing the border from different countries used to apply for asylum in different countries including France, Germany, as persecuted leaders of the opposition party in Bangladesh. They used to submit the application file by submitting their Bangladeshi citizenship along with the seal and signatures of the big leaders along with certificates and fake paper cuttings of political activities on the pad of the political party.

After a long court hearing, many were lucky enough to be granted legal residency in the country concerned. But if the current government is in power in Bangladesh, the road to political asylum is very hard. Because, at one stage of the hearing in the courts of European countries, almost the same kind of applications were expected as ‘not credible’. Apart from this, the court is directly rejecting the application of its leaders and activists regarding Jamaat-Shibir. Then in different EU countries, many applied for ‘minor’ and ‘homosexual’ and got the opportunity to live.

In the last few days, the story of persecution of minorities in Bangladesh began to spread, and the asylum application began. As there is no opportunity to apply for asylum as a citizen of the neighboring country India, Bengali speakers of India and Myanmar are also applying for asylum as the ‘oppressed minority of Bangladesh’.

As refugees, they are submitting only the citizenship certificate of their respective countries without attaching a passport in the field of asylum application. In this field, they are assisted by a class of brokers living in the countries. These foreign Bengali-speakers are pretending to be Bangladeshis by submitting their citizenship certificates to various unions and municipalities of Bangladesh through Bangladeshi expatriates. With the advice of brokers and related parties, they are trying to tell the story of the persecution of minorities in Bangladesh. The immigration courts of each country have been temporarily granting many applications in Bangladesh for ‘sensitive cases of minority persecution’. Applicants are granted permanent residence on the basis of these temporary residence order papers.


Various government departments are going around to the foreign office of their respective countries with fake evidence of the persecution of minority applicants in asylum applications in the courts of countries. Every three or six months, negative messages about Bangladesh are reaching countries based on the information of a large number of these minority applicants who are persecuted Bangladeshis. In Bangladesh, the image of the country is being fatally damaged by the organized stories of minority torture under the rule of the current government.

And some dishonest people of our country are helping them with fake Bangladeshi birth certificates. Due to their fake asylum, the image of Bangladesh is being damaged in the outside world as well as the real Bangladeshis are being denied political asylum.


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