Woman recounts sickening and ‘endless’ campaign of harassment

Woman recounts sickening and 'endless' campaign of harassment
Mahfuzur Tarafdar, 37, of Hull, but currently in custody, admitted harassing a woman by breaching a restraining order. (Image: Humberside Police)
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A “completely haunted” and menacing parasite made a woman’s life utterly miserable in a sustained and “never-ending” campaign of harassment that lasted nearly a decade.

They had a “brief but violent” relationship, but it ended and she soon regretted never having met him.

Hull Crown Court heard she “felt sick and shocked” when he regularly contacted and blatantly threatened her despite a restraining order. Mahfuzur Tarafdar, 37, from Hull, but now in custody, admitted harassing the woman by breaching a restraining order on October 20 last year.

Michael Forrest, prosecuting, said an indefinite restraining order was in place banning Tarafdar from contacting the woman or her family members, but she received messages from an online account she said is affiliated with him.

The woman had briefly been in a relationship with Tarafdar years before. She received numerous messages, as well as attempted audio calls from a name that he used.

“He sent a variety of other messages saying how much he loved her,” said Mr Forrest. There were references to her new boyfriend and her child and she did not know how he even knew about them or their names.

There were references to sex and sexual favours. “This breach has caused very serious harm and distress,” said Mr Forrest. “It is causing her no end of very serious distress.

“There is a history of disobedience to court orders. This is having an impact on the wider family at large.”

The woman later said in a statement that she met Tarafdar more than 10 years ago. He later served a prison sentence for assault and sending malicious communications.

“I have regretted meeting this person ever since,” she said. She had made “countless reports to the police” about him because of unwanted contact over the years.


He continued to attempt to contact her and her friends and family members. She had never once returned the contact from Tarafdar.

“This man has continuously and repeatedly made threats,” she said. “He threw a brick through my living room window. I have done absolutely everything that the police requested and have reported every single incident.

“It’s very hard to put into words how disheartening this is. This person is continuously released and reoffends. He breaches any order made by the court.”

Tarafdar was from her past life, but he continued to hound her. “It’s never-ending,” she said. “The messages are stronger and viler every time and they made me physically sick. It’s like Groundhog Day. I have had enough.”

Tarafdar has 28 previous convictions, including eight for breaching restraining orders, four for harassment and two for sending harmful information, between 2010 and last year, most of which involved the same woman.

Tarafdar, who had a driving license at the time of the latest offence, had been released from prison about two weeks earlier. He served a five-month prison sentence last June for breaching a restraining order.


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