7 professions that will help you to get UK work visa

7 professions that will help you to get UK work visa
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The UK’s world-class academic facilities, short courses, simple culture and affordable application process make it a highly popular destination for students seeking education.

The number of Indians receiving skilled worker visas increased by 63% from 2021 to 2022, with the potential reintroduction of two-year post-study work visas from 2020 onwards.

There are many job openings. They are in high demand in the UK, making it easy to get a visa and build a comfortable life.

Skilled worker visas: Healthcare, engineering, technology, education, and business sectors are among the most in-demand occupations, according to a list of shortage occupations.

Healthcare Professionals

If you are a skilled medical professional from outside the UK, you can work in the UK through the Skilled Worker Visa Scheme. This visa allows you to live and work in the UK for up to 5 years and can be extended permanently.


There is a huge need for engineers in the UK in the civil, mechanical, electrical, electronic, design and development fields. Qualified applicants are those with relevant degrees or professional experience. According to Engineering UK, the sector is expected to grow by 2.7% a year from 2022 to 2027.

Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting is considered one of the most prestigious fields in the UK and these professionals are always in demand by UK businesses. This profession offers many opportunities to earn a high salary.

Business Management Professionals

Businesses are constantly growing and these companies in the UK often require management professionals for roles such as human resources management, marketing and sales, and operations management.

Architects, Systems Designers, and IT Business Analysts

As long as companies continue to invest in IT, these positions are expected to increase, so the employment outlook in this field is good.

According to the UK National Careers Service, by 2027 employment in this sector is expected to increase by 4.2% and create 5,200 new jobs.

Over the same period, he will create 49,600 jobs, as 39.6% of employees will retire during the same period.

Programmers and Software Development Professionals

These professionals are in high demand in the UK and there are many opportunities here. By 2027, employment in this sector is expected to increase by 4.2% and create 12,500 new jobs. During the same period, workers will also retire, resulting in 118,900 job openings.

Actuaries, Economists, and Statisticians

Professionals who utilize mathematics and statistics to address problems include statisticians, actuaries, and economists. They are significant players in a number of sectors, such as government, finance, and insurance.

According to National Career Services, by 2027, there will be 1,800 new jobs in this industry with a 4.3% job growth. There will be 23,200 job opportunities during that time due to 55.3% retirement rate of the workforce.


With the given information, you can opt for a course or a degree that will help you in upskilling your knowledge to achieve your dream to live and work in the UK, or if you already have any of these skills, then now is the best time you need to start hunting for a job.


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