Expectations over the next election as a young citizen of Bangladesh

Expectations over the next election as a young citizen of Bangladesh
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Sometimes I feel ashamed as a Bangladeshi. There are many reasons to feel shame. But the most important reason is foreign interference in the internal elections of Bangladesh. After listening to the speeches of the leaders of the political parties, I think that the leader of Bangladesh will be elected according to the choice of the USA or India. But in a democratic country, people are the source of all power. People will elect their leader. But the eyes of Bangladeshi leaders and activists are on what the United States is saying, what India is saying, etc.

However, foreign interference in Bangladeshi politics does not come automatically. If the people have the power to elect their leaders, there is no question of foreign interference. There is enough evidence that the last election was not fair and impartial. Even in the words of Awami League leaders, it is clear that the last national election was not fair. Recently many Awami League leaders have only one comment to the opposition party, ‘this election will not be like 2018, come to the election’. It is clear from this that the last election was not fair but the next national election will be fair. But this assurance is not working to bring Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) to the election, from previous experience BNP is not participating in this election. But what is the way?

There are ways, of course, to dialogue with the opposition parties and bring them to the polls and ensure people’s right to vote. Besides ensuring that the Election Commission is neutral. Imagine in a football match, if the referee is not neutral, the result of the game will not be fair. Similarly, if the election commission is not impartial, then definitely it is not a level playing field. Therefore, it is essential for the Election Commission to be neutral for the interests of the people.

One demand as a young Bangladeshi is that the election should be participated by all parties. To ensure that the people can automatically elect their representatives. And my humble request to the government is that do not push the country’s future into darkness by holding a unilateral election. Maybe you will come back to power, but Bangladesh will fall behind for a few more decades if it falls under the economic sanctions of the outside world. Finally, as a Bangladeshi, I have no headache whether ALeauge or BNP win or lose in the next election. My only demand is to let the people elect their leaders through voting.



Abdul Wahid Talim
London, UK


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