Italy Reaches Seasonal Work Visa Application Limit in One Day

Italy Reaches Seasonal Work Visa Application Limit in One Day
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Italian authorities have reported that the number of applications for foreign seasonal workers from Italian employers was high, exceeding the peak number of 82,550 on the opening day.

Italian employers are said to be applying for far more foreign workers than they are allowed, although authorities have not disclosed the exact number of applicants.

This suggests that the country is currently dealing with a lack of manpower in various sectors, with agriculture being the most affected.

According to Italy’s organisation for agricultural businesses, Coldiretti, on the first day of applications, which is known as “click day”, requests could be made only for workers in the agriculture, tourism, and hotel sectors.

While there is no division between the sectors that applied for most foreign workers, the regions in which the highest number of entrances were made were those in which manpower is largely needed.

As data show, a high number of requests for foreign workers were made by employers in Trentino, which is known for the apple harvest.

Additionally, employers from Venezia Giulia, known for their production of wine, employers from Lazio, known for the cultivation of vegetables as well as employers from Campania, known for the cultivation of tobacco and tomato, filed a high number of requests for foreign workers, too.

The authorities did not share data on the nationality of workers for which requests were made either. However, Coldiretti said that the highest number of seasonal workers is from Morocco, Albania, Senegal, Pakistan, Tunisia, Nigeria, and North Macedonia.

Coldireti said that foreign workers support many sectors during the peak season. The same stressed that in 2022, foreign workers contributed to the production of one-third “Made in Italy” products.

Previously, reported that Italy is in need of highly qualified workers, too. The country is currently dealing with a labour shortage across various sectors, with occupations such as doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists being in high demand.


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