Kid’s punished for wearing Palestine hoodie on non-uniform day

Kid's punished for wearing Palestine hoodie on non-uniform day
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A 4 years kid included in school punishment for wearing Palestine hoodie on non-uniform day.

Enraged parents of children placed in ‘isolation’ on a non-uniform fundraising day for wearing clothing and badges bearing the Palestine flag, raise pressing concerns about safeguarding.

On Friday 24th November, Mount Pellon Primary Academy in Halifax, held a non-uniform day to raise money for children around the world.

This was similar to a fundraising day held by the primary school in support of Ukraine, where there were no objections on children donning the Ukraine flag/emblems.

Speaking about the primary school’s actions following children wearing Palestine attire, Mr Zohaib Ali, uncle of three of the children that attend Mount Pellon Primary said: “Children were advised to take off the clothing and put things on from lost property or face isolation all day.

“The youngest child placed in isolation is just four-years-old, can you imagine what that child was going through?”

Mr Ali, speaking on behalf of the parents says that the children were separated from classes, and endured hours of “isolation without adequate communication”.

Mrs Younis, the mother of the four-year-old disciplined that day, said: “All four of my children where isolated along with one other child for wearing a hoodie contenting the word ‘Palestine’ on it”.

“My eldest son, Hussain is 11-years-old and is the head boy at the school, and my youngest Hayfa is just four-years-old.


“They were separated from lessons all day. They were only allowed a five-minute playtime separate from their peers.

“Alone and neglected. Not a school who vows to nurture and protect our children.

“In a world where children can choose their own gender, they’re being told they can’t choose what to wear or think?

“I didn’t, not once, ever think our school could make our children feel so little and disheartened by one non-uniform day.

“My four-year-old was so scared she kept questioning me if “will I be allowed to play with my friends”.

Source: Asian Express


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