Divorce rise among newly arrived Bangladeshis in UK

Divorce rise among newly arrived Bangladeshis in UK
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Urmi (anonym) was a student of university course in a reputed government college in Sylhet city. Interested in going abroad and got a good score in the IELTS exam. Wanted to come to Britain on a care visa but the family could not afford it. As her relatives including her father did not agree to send her abroad alone, the family arranged her marriage with Javed Hossain (anonym) from Kumar Para area of ​​Sylhet. They did not know each other before marriage. Jabed’s Qatari expatriate father, provided money for the UK care visa.

Urmi-Javed couple came to London in March 2022. The concerned company could not provide work to Urmi, the main applicant for CARE visa, after coming here. Although Jabed started working, his income alone was not enough to cover the house rent. At one point, Javed moved outside London to Oldham, taking a job in a restaurant. Urmi stayed at her aunt’s house in London. After receiving information from various sources, Urmi went to Oldham and found out that Javed is living with Sumi, a divorced cousin of Javed’s who is mother of three children living in Oldham. Then Urmi came to know that Jabed had already had a relationship with Sumi.

Faruqe Ahmed, a permanent resident of Uttara, Dhaka, who came to London as a dependent of his wife on a student visa, works in a superstore in Croydon. He said that many of his friends who have come to this country with their wives in the last two years are having a serious marital crisis. After coming to this country, the long love marriage is breaking up mainly due to financial reasons. The dream that came here from the country is vastly different from the reality. Even if the husband and wife work ten hours a day for house rent and family expenses, they cannot get up, then where will the money for visa extension come from.

Journalist and leader of Britain’s Liberal Democratic Party, Mahbubul Karim Suyed, said, besides marital discord, many of those who came alone in this country, they are breaking up the arranged family by getting involved with housewives, mothers children, hoping to settle down in UK. There are many such examples. Children of divorced parents suffer the most. Many are suffering from depression due to not having their parents in childhood.

Senior Bangladeshi community leader of London, KM Abu Taher Chowdhury told Daily Dazzling Dawn, immorality is the main reason for family breakup. These incidents are shameful and infamous for Bangladeshis. A large proportion of those coming on dependent visas are being cheated, girls being more victims.

A woman who had just arrived from Bangladesh was sexually assaulted yesterday because she was in her uncle’s in-law’s house. When the niece complained about the incident, the uncle and father-in-law were arrested by the police. Why did she file a police complaint against the uncle because of the reason the husband kicked his wife from the house.

Every day I am getting news of conjugal quarrels and fights between husband and wife coming from Bangladesh recently. Citing several incidents like the wife calling the police and kicking out the husband, the wife going to the hospital due to the husband’s physical abuse, abortion happening, he said, the big reason is the mismatch of expectations after coming to London. Due to financial reasons, it can be seen that the husband is staying outside London for work, and the wife is staying at relatives house. Many have come with loans for visas. There is no work after coming here, he is unable to repay the debt. Many are involved in immoral relationships. Conflicts are increasing in the fields of those who just came here only to get visa as a couple.

In this way, the marital discord of Bangladeshis who have recently arrived in Britain with their husband and wife often leads to divorce. There are also cases of wife’s abortion due to husband’s physical abuse. After the police are called to the scene of marital disputes, many file domestic abuse or torture cases against their spouses, and many use those cases to seek asylum in Britain.

Lincoln’s Chambers Solicitors Principal Barrister Nazir Ahmad went to comment on this matter and said that, in the last three years, several thousand Bangladeshis have come to Britain with their spouses on care visas, work permits and student visas. Many of them come to us for advice on their divorce. Previously in Britain applications for divorce had to show cause. Now that the British government has eased the divorce laws, many are abusing the opportunity.

Divorce is more common among couples who bring spouses as a visa chance to Britain. The main reason for conflict is financial. They are coming to London with the dream, but the reality is completely different. Actions do not match brokers’ words. No work Many husbands and wives are unable to live together because they do not have the financial resources to rent even a room. Many who came alone are getting involved with another middle-aged person who is settled in the country in hopes of settling down. Due to this, many years of arranged family is breaking.


Notably, in 2023, the divorce rate in the United Kingdom has reached about 42 percent. This rate has increased in recent years. Unreasonable behavior is the number one cause of divorce in the UK, with adultery accounting for around 14 per cent of divorces.

The UK has overtaken Canada, Germany and Australia to become one of the world’s most socially liberal nations towards divorce and abortion, the latest wave of a global study has revealed.


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