Bank Statement Requirements for Canadian Visa 2024

Bank Statement Requirements for Canadian Visa 2024
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Travelers who intend to visit Canada must be aware of the cost of obtaining a visa. In 2024, Canada will provide a range of visas, each intended for a certain type of travel. One of the most common questions from applicants for Canadian visas is how much money they need to have on file to have a decent chance of getting the visa, and how much money they need for a 30-day stay in Canada.

Travelers planning a visit to Canada should be aware of the cost of applying for a visa. In 2024, Canada plans to offer different visas for specific types of travel.

Student Visas

International students typically need to show that they have sufficient funds to pay for tuition fees, a year’s worth of living expenses, and possibly round-trip airfare. The amount required varies widely, from CAD 10,000 to CAD 30,000, depending on the specific academic program and the location in Canada where it takes place.


Visitor Visas

There are no minimum balance requirements. However, applicants must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to cover anticipated travel and accommodation costs during their stay. This requires careful analysis of all expenses, including hotels, meals, travel expenses, and other everyday expenses that you may incur during your visit.

Required Funds for a 30-Day Stay in Canada in 2024

The cost of traveling to Canada for the first time with a Canada visa can vary depending on your accommodation type, food preferences, travel habits, activities, and visa type.
Common citations are:

Accommodation Expenses

  • Budget: $20-$50 per night
  • Mid-range: $80-$150 per night
  • Luxury: $200+ per night

Food Expenses

  • Self-catering: $30-$50 per day
  • Budget dining: $10-$20 per meal
  • Mid-range dining: $20-$30 per meal
  • Fine dining: $50+ per meal

Activities and Transportation

  • Activities: $10-$50 per activity
  • Public transport: $2-$5 per ride
  • Taxis/Uber: $20-$50 per trip

Overall Budget Estimates

  • Minimum Budget: Approximately $1800-$2400 for 30 days.
  • Moderate Budget: Around $3000-$4500 for 30 days.
  • Comfortable Budget: About $6000-$9000 for 30 days.



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