Table casting in Biswannth and OsmaniNagar

Table casting in Biswannth and OsmaniNagar
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Local politicians engaged themselves mostly building their empire rather than working for people! Sylhet-2 parliamentary seats. Politics becomes a big business opportunity for the majority of people in Bangladesh, party politics and position one thing but becomes public respesentative different issues or concepts. Individual politicians both locally and nationally initial looking for gaps or issues to make platforms themselves but once they reach certain positions of power, do forget about the local issue.

Only do think of development issues are not main things for a public resentative where they can achieve lots from such developments issues but locals issues affecting people must be main priority for competence politician, in Biswannth and OsmaniNagar past 15 years three different person become MP but they only run after development opportunities but locals issues affecting local community was ignored only Biswannth mayor Mohibur Rahman doing some positive work online solving family and other land and property lalated issues and enforcement agency and many local politicians are not happy which Mayor Mohibur Rahman kicking on their stomach by resolving difficulties and complexity issues in public. Biswannth OsmaniNagar crime, drugs, money laundering issues become major problems for ordinary innocent people within the area.

The NRB land and property grab and under control of family and relatives which is becoming worse for many NRB people and corruption getting worse and worse day by day An enforcement agency and some so-called local leaders taking advantage of all issues and problems where become business opportunity for them and enforcement agencies don’t care about law and order issues where leadership people choose people became agents of the enforcement agency and without their blessings nothing moves at the police station. Where on 7 January polling center after 12 noon table casting of voting done by elect MP, his people getting help from Police force where 4 other candidates agents was push out of polling center and other 4 candidates two Ex-MP jointly made complaints to enforcement agencies and election commission but no action where taken.


However, Our past MP and MP elect on 7 January 2024, who has been holding top positions with the district party for the past 15 years and whose own village is becoming a no-go area due to crime and drug related issues and local leaders taking advantage of such issues. Shofiqure Rahman Choudhury Initially coming to Bangladesh politics in Bangladesh played Probashi card to establish himself and getting nominations for the MP candidate before getting elected but before ending 5th year as a MP given statement to print media all Probashi issues solve by the government due to his active role. However, I do like to ask a question to our current MP elect to provide lists of issues that were solved or resolved by the government with proof of evidence? Anyone do think all issues or problems of Probashi are going to be solved in Bangladesh or elsewhere in this world not possible. Let me enlighten everyone in society or in a nation issues and problems going to be addressed by the government and solved by any government but always new issues and problems are going to occur from time to time that is reality and facts of the world. I do appreciate our prime minister, Land Minister and Foreign minister did great jobs on land and property law that is including law to protect NRB land and property issues are concerned and setting up NRB Cell under DIG office which we NRB where deprived before can take advantage of new land and property act 2024.

On 7 January after 12 noon MP elect and his people took control of majority polling centre help from enforcement agency and deprived individuals to casting their votes for their chosen candidates for Sylhet-2 that is going to be an affected on Awami League government in longer runs where Prime Minister Honorable Sheikh Hasina want to set a example to rest of the world this election and free and fear election can be done under her government and under her leadership that not going to achieve in long run. Bangladesh government must look into the issues of local leadership theirs activities and actions creating problems for prime minister Sheikh Hasina and her government both locally, nationally and international arena which gives opportunities to opposition parties and to western nations to playing games against the Sheikh Hasina’s party and her government.


Former councillor, 
London Borough of Tower Hamlets


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