Boris Johnson once again against backs Tory rebels

Boris Johnson once again against backs Tory rebels
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Boris Johnson started playing again against his party. In Devid Cameron and Theresa May time he did the same, play from behind.

Boris Johnson has backed calls by Conservative rebels to harden the Rwanda deportation bill in a direct intervention on the side of those defying his successor, Rishi Sunak.

The former prime minister used the social media platform X to retweet an article by a rightwing Tory rebel, Simon Clarke, who was describing the bill as a “flawed measure” and warning he would not support it if it was amended.

“This bill must be as legally robust as possible – and the right course is to adopt the amendments,” Johnson commented.

The intervention comes amid a mounting revolt by Conservative MPs threatening to vote against the bill. They drew on a poll believed to be funded by rightwing opponents of Sunak’s leadership. It found his constituency was one of 111 where voters wanted asylum seekers removed without right of appeal.

The prime minister faces a Conservative meltdown over the Rwanda deportation bill after two deputy chairs said on Monday night they would support rebel amendments aimed at blocking international human rights laws.

Lee Anderson and Brendan Clarke-Smith have defied Sunak by backing rightwing challenges to the bill, which will be debated by parliament on Tuesday.

Conservative divisions continued to play out on Tuesday morning. Robert Jenrick, who resigned last month as immigration minister, used an article in the Daily Telegraph to accuse others of trying to “smear” amendments he had put forward on the Rwanda legislation “by saying I advance a fringe rightwing opinion”.

The MP, who has tabled a number of amendments, including one that would block the most “suspensive claims” by people against their removal, said opponents should “note” poll findings published in the Telegraph.

The results – a day after another poll showing the Tories were on course for an election wipeout and which was dismissed by the Conservative leadership as the work of individuals intent on “undermining” the party – found that in 310 of the 361 seats in England and Wales Labour is on course to win, the policy he advocated was the favoured option.

The poll was commissioned by the Conservative Britain Alliance, a previously unknown organisation described only as a “group of Conservative donors”

Mr Boris Johnson,a political entertainer, also very known as a journalist and politician who is able to show the charisma of the political entertainer in the arena of politics from time to time. It is worth bearing in mind that among Britain’s living politicians, Boris is the man who has had both the ups and downs of his popularity.


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