5 Arrested for Submitting Fake Documents to Obtain German Schengen Visa in India

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Five people have been arrested in India after it was discovered that they submitted fake documents when applying for Germany Schengen Visa.

As announced by the authorities, we were able to detect forged documents based on a report from the advisor of the German Consulate General.

A consultant specializing in Schengen visa issues announced that five people had presented false documents and attempted to enter Germany and the Schengen area irregularly.

Among the falsified documents, it was revealed that the five individuals also had fake visa stamps on their passports to not appear suspicious.

Since the investigation on the matter is still ongoing, the authorities did not disclose exactly what types of documents these individuals submitted. However, in general, those who do not meet the conditions and try to obtain a Schengen visa irregularly submit forged bank statements and work contracts, among others.

As soon as the investigation is over, the authorities will make a decision on the matter, and a ban on these people from entering Germany and the other Schengen countries can possibly be introduced.

The number of cases related to attempts to obtain Schengen visas by submitting fake documents has been on the rise in recent months.

Last month, nine people were arrested in an operation carried out in Madrid and Las Palmas for facilitating illegal entry to Spain for Nepalis.

As the Spanish authorities explained back in December, the nine individuals who are part of a larger criminal group helped over 300 nationals of Nepal to obtain fake Schengen visas, thus enabling them to enter the Schengen Area irregularly.

The criminal network helped Nepalis to obtain fake Schengen visas in exchange for €15,000. Moreover, most of those who were equipped with fake Schengen visas accessed the Schengen Area from India.

According to the authorities of Spain, the trafficking route was initiated in Nepal. From there, the network manipulated the system and submitted fake documents in India, where embassies and consulates for the latter are located.

Among many other documents, the network submitted fake work and study proof on behalf of applicants. Such documents were submitted in order for the applicants to be issued long-term visas that permit them to stay in the Schengen Area territory for over 90 days within a 180-day period.

In addition to the above-mentioned, through the same operation, the police found that the network helped Nepalis also pass the Spanish nationality test.

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