Germany Needs Additional 280,000 to 690,000 Nurses by 2049

Germany Needs Additional 280,000 to 690,000 Nurses by 2049
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Due to the ageing populace, Germany is anticipating to see a significant deficiency of nursing staff, with projections showing that the country will require 280,000 to 690,000 extra nurses by 2049.

The recently released nursing constrain forecast by the German Federal Statistical Office, Destatis, has uncovered that the requirement for nursing staff throughout the entire country is expected to extend from 1.62 million in 2019 to 2.15 million by 2049.

This marks a significant increase of 33 per cent and suggests that the country will need foreign nurses to deal with the shortages in the field.

To better understand the shortages the country will deal with, the forecast has outlined two variants.

As Destatis explains, the first variant, which has been named the “trend variant”, takes into account demographic developments and positive trends observed in the nursing labour market since 2010. Under this scenario, the number of employed nursing staff is anticipated to increase to 1.74 million by 2034 and to 1.87 million by 2049.

However, even with this optimistic projection, Destatis stresses that the number of nursing staff would fall short by 90,000 by 2034 and 280,000 by 2049, below the needs that the country expects to have.

The second variant, referred to as “status quo variant”, takes into consideration only the effects of demographic changes on the future number of nursing staff. According to this variant, the number of nursing staff in Germany will fall from 1.62 million in 2019 to 1.48 million by 2034 and to 1.46 million by 2049.

Based on this scenario, which represents the worst-case scenario, the country will be in need of 350,000 nursing staff by 2034 and 690,000 nursing staff by 2034.

This forecast suggests that the country needs to take immediate action and ensure that it will be able to cover the needs in the field.

To help the country deal with its ongoing shortages in the medical sector, Germany is continuing its efforts to recruit additional nurses from Latin America. The Federal Employment Agency of Germany has said that the country has the potential to recruit around 700 nursing staff per year.


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