New pavement parking rules introduced today branded ‘shambles’ and ‘political thuggery’

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In one of the biggest cities in the UK, new pavement parking regulations have been met with criticism from a number of irate motorists.

Drivers who violate the strict new parking regulations might face steep fines from Edinburgh City Council, which will go into effect today.

The new guidelines have been in place since December 11 but a transition period has meant fines have not been dished out to those breaking the rules.

However, the council has ended its gratuity with road users likely to be hit with a £100 fine for stopping on the path this morning.

The move has since been attacked by angry drivers who suggested the move was an “attack” on motorists.

Posting on social media site X, user @Chris5H2 wrote: “After reducing parking provision and yellow line diarrhoea the anti-car zealots now feel virtuous in attacking people who little option left. Killing car use one piece of political thuggery at a time.”
@SpeaktoFreely said: “Where are all the cars going to go? How will it be decided who has double parked?” @tkerby wrote: “Starting at midnight to get them early?”

Responding to a post reminding drivers of the changes, @K13KSN said: “I bet you can’t wait until tomorrow. Look at you, p*** yourself at the thought of being able to fine more people but not use the money generated to better the city. Edinburgh is an absolute shambles now.”

@Sanskrit45 posted: “Our road is so narrow that if we don’t mount the pavement the bin lorry can’t get down so nope.”

Meanwhile, user @Hyfy19 warned that some motorists without access to off-street parking could be unfairly caught out.

They added: “So you live in a flat, and you need to offload some stuff. Road full of parked cars and bins. You could wait for days for a vacant space, eg, around Comley Bank. Quick double park offload stuff, job done. Wide street not blocking anyone. Will be interesting now.”

Edinburgh Council has claimed the new rules will help pedestrians with “mobility issues, visual impairments, and people with pushchairs”.

The Council stresses they have always backed a pavement parking ban and has collaborated with Living Streets and Guide Dogs Scotland for the new controls.

Locals most affected have been contacted by the council with 5,000 road officers identifying areas with “significant pavement parking” and writing to residents.

Councillor Scott Arthur, Transport and Environment Convener at Edinburgh City Council, claimed pavement parking was a “real problem” as he threw his support behind the new rules.

He explained: “These new rules are about making our streets safer and more accessible for everyone, in particular those with visual impairments or mobility issues. I’ve heard from many people who say the change will make their day-to-day life much easier. I have also been pleased to hear that, as a result of our publicity campaign, pavement parking is already reducing in some areas.

“Officers have been working hard over recent months to prepare for the changes coming into force and have been in contact with residents on streets where pavement parking is a real problem. I am proud that Edinburgh is leading the way on enforcing the ban, and that all political parties here agree that no street should be exempt.

“I would expect everyone to adhere to the new prohibitions once in place, but we’ll continue to monitor streets across the city to make sure the impacts on the wider network are minimal.”

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