Most of workers can’t meet new UK family visa salary threshold

Most of workers can't meet new UK family visa salary threshold
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According to data, over half of British workers do not make the money needed to bring spouses from outside to the UK under the new Home Office family visa regulations.

Starting on April 4, the minimum wage needed for individuals entering the country on a skilled worker visa will rise from £26,200 to £38,700, as part of the government’s attempt to reduce net migration.

Starting on April 11, the minimum income needed for individuals bringing spouses, partners, and children to the UK on family visas will gradually rise.

Starting on this day, British workers will need to earn a minimum of £29,000 annually in order to bring a family member into the country from outside. This is a significant rise over the current minimum wage requirement of £18,600.

Extend the article’s logo Go on reading based on data from the University of Oxford’s Migration Observatory, almost half of UK workers already make less than £29,000, which means they do not make enough money to bring a family member from abroad.

However, before eventually reaching £38,700, the salary barrier for family visas is expected to increase even more, to £34,500.

The research found that 70 per cent of workers earn less than £38,700, the threshold which is slated to come into effect in 2025.

The analysis casts doubt that the changes to family visas will make a large impact on net migration figures, noting that while the number of family visas issued has increased in absolute terms, it is still only five per cent of all entry visas granted.

The paper warns that some families will be separated, stating: “Under the higher thresholds of £29,000 or £38,700, there are fewer jobs that qualify, and some people will never expect to find jobs that earn above the threshold.”

People who are most likely to be affected are women, people aged under 30 and above 50, and people living outside the south east, it adds.

Data released in November found that net migration was at a record high in 2022 of 745,000, which was driven by high overseas student numbers, said the ONS, and an increase in workers arriving with visas to fill staff shortages in the NHS.

Among those criticising the visa crackdown was Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who warned of economic damage to the capital.

Mr Khan said: “Pulling up the drawbridge on thousands of foreign workers and their families is the latest example of the Government pursuing damaging economic policies in order to look tough on immigration.

“Migrants are critical to London and the nation’s economy and public services.”

But announcing the proposals last week, Home Secretary James Cleverly said: “I’ve been clear that migration is too high and we must get back to sustainable levels.

“Last year I set out robust measures to reduce the numbers coming into our country – tightening the rules on care workers, skilled workers, and making sure that people can support their family members that they bring over.

“It is a firm approach, but a fair one, and gives those affected time to prepare whilst ensuring that migration comes down.”

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