UK immigration lawyer blasts ‘pray to stay’ ruse

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Immigration lawyer Harjap Singh Bhangal has hit out at the ‘pray to stay’ ruse that’s seeing displaced people allegedly change over to Christianity in a frantic endeavor to stay in Britain.

It comes in the midst of first-hand accounts from admirers in Portland, Dorset, where the Bibby Stockholm freight boat is moored, claiming that a number of transients are going to UK courses such as Christian Alpha to change over.

Speaking on GB News, Singh Bhangal said this is symptomatic of a broken asylum system in which “everything has gone wrong”.

He despairingly said to Tom Harwood and Emily Carver: “It is the job of the Home Office to close down the loopholes.”

“It always seems like the Home Office are late to anything that is going on. It’s no surprise once again that the Home Office are allowing this to happen.”

“If these people are coming from a war torn country, they don’t need to make up an excuse.”

Bhangal went on to hit out at the Government by claiming that after 14 years of Tory rule, little has been done to tackle the migrant crisis despite a strong rhetoric on the matter.

“Under a fast track system we used to have, asylum seekers would be decided in 15 days, then sent back on the 20th day”, he said.

“That was under a Labour government. People say Labour is weak on immigration, but it definitely wasn’t then according to the figures.

“Let’s look at the figures. In 2011, you had over 10,000 enforced removals of failed asylum seekers. That made up 23 per cent of all removals from the UK.

“In 2021, that went down to eight per cent, less than 1,000 of asylum seekers. That’s under this government’s watch.

“Why has everything gone so horribly wrong in relation to migration?”

It comes amid claims the Church of England have “facilitated bogus asylum claims”, something they have denied.

“The sad reality is, the Church of England is complicit in the abuse of the asylum system”, Tory MP Bob Seely told GB News.

“We are hearing so often stories of the courts are rigging the asylum system in the interest, very often, of the criminals.

A Church spokesperson told the Mail it is “the role of the Home Office, and not the Church, to vey asylum seekers and judge the merits of their individual cases”.

Church elder David Rees told the BBC that a number of migrants were undergoing the process of becoming a Christian, saying “local faith leaders have visited the barge and work with the council and the barge management in looking after these guys”.


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