Challenges of Identity, Integrity, and Politics: A Critical Analysis of Rishi Sunak’s Leadership

A Critical Analysis of Rishi Sunak’s Leadership
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“If the complexion (skin color) is like ours, but there’s nothing to get excited about it.”

Enayet Sarwar’s brother wrote, “It’s heartbreaking to see the supremacy of people. I don’t understand why so many people don’t understand the simple truth that Rishi is not one of us. Everyone assumes that Rishi is us because of our skin color; he broke the glass ceiling of racism, etc. Our skin color is ours. Of course, people of Indian origin are right, but they belong to a different class of people. That class is not your class, mine, or the common man’s class. This simple truth will be understood when you see the Rwanda project being implemented.”

Yes, I say so too. The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, said in an interview, all his friends are from the rich class, no friends from the common class.

At 10 Downing Street, Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister. In the first speech before the audience, he was saying integrity will be restored. But the ministerial code breaker, staunchly anti-immigration Suella Braberman, was given the responsibility of Interior Minister! This Suella Braberman is also from an immigrant family, but she was very enthusiastic to send immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees to Rwanda in Africa! She was very desperate! Lucky she is out of her role as a minister.

In Liz Truss’s government, Suella, the then Home Secretary, had a great interest in making life difficult for migrant people. She was saying, asylum seekers are the first priority for her government, and she will send them to Rwanda in December!

Suella Braberman’s annual salary was £114,000, higher, but if the benefit of the state annuity for low-income people increases only by £1040, she feels very distressed, burning! Prime Minister Rishi Sunak appointed anti-immigrant Suella Braberman as Home Secretary in the first place, even though he, the Prime Minister, is from an immigrant family. The opposing sage reiterated his attitude; this is his example of “integrity restoring,” which he glimpsed at the beginning!

They may look like us, but in their mentality, they are more British than the British themselves. It is necessary to remember that Britain is the homeland of capitalism, and without intoxication, they have been able to intoxicate hundreds of millions of people around the world. Thus, they have been able to intoxicate without alcohol through various means, in various ways, both at home and abroad; the sage Sunak has also been created by them, a new bartender for intoxicating without alcohol, the owners of capitalist wealth. Rishi Sunak will serve them, as indicated by his announcement of responsibility. That feeling was evident from the beginning!

Although for his party, to save the Conservative Party from the electoral wipeout in the next general election, Rishi Sunak is facing the wrath with a sword of MPs behind him, followers, and admirers of Boris Johnson. In his hidden desire to become Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak had shown Boris Johnson the back, which BOJO and his followers have not forgotten. In recent days, he criticized the opposition leader Starmer very disgustingly and shamefully in Parliament, attacking him with words mentioning a female MP’s comments about a trans teenager’s death. The Prime Minister said, “He (Starmer) defended a woman.”

These words have created a strong reaction, even among ordinary people, and people are asking him to apologize for the anti-female statement. Mr. Starmer also harshly criticized it in Parliament, even though some of his own party members criticized him. Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown was among them, along with many other political figures and scholars.

To the capitalists, women are always trivial, and they often fall between the cracks of sobriety. I also ask him to apologize for his shameful words – I seek an apology from the Prime Minister. I am saying, Honourable Prime Minister, rather than viewing men and women merely through the lens of gender, let’s recognize women and trans-people and cherish them as valued human beings. Through collaboration marked by love, respect, and kindness, we can work together to forge a better world – not just for humans but for all living creatures. In acknowledging the unique strengths each individual brings, we harmonize our collective existence. It is in these collaborative efforts that we elevate our shared existence, creating a symphony of harmony and understanding that resonates across the tapestry of humanity.

The party, he trying to save the Conservative Party from the electoral wipeout in the next general election. The pressure of the party, the burden of the country, the ridicule of his jovial words, the universal burden and pressure are becoming increasingly difficult day by day, a big challenge in front of Rishi Sunak.

It is regrettable that one of the two bad actors will be the Prime Minister in the next election! The election is due to be held within 11 months from now or anytime soon after winter this year. The days ahead will be very difficult for ordinary people, as both parties are trying to keep people by forgetting about their parties’ (both Labour and Conservatives) wrongdoing, playing politics as a game of thorn.

The ill politics of satisfaction, both in the East and the West. Over the Atlantic, this and the other side.

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Trump may be coming again. It’s not unlikely.

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